August 31, 2016
Weekly Chatter
LGBQ Youth in Dire Need of SRA, Abstinence Education
According to a press release published by the organization formerly known as the National Abstinence Education Association, Ascend, a recent CDC report confirms that sexual minority youth, who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or questioning (LGBQ), have a higher prevalence of a variety of health risk behaviors. As compared to heterosexual teens, LGBQ youth are
  • About 25% more likely to have sex
  • More than 2X as likely to have had sex before 13
  • 3X more likely to be forced to have sex
  • More than 2X as likely to be a victim of dating violence
  • 2X less likely to use any contraceptive method when having sex.

These findings suggest that LGBQ youth need Sexual Risk (SRA) Avoidance education more than ever. As Congress prepares to reconvene in September to deliberate the passage of the federal spending bill for FY 2017, part of which includes a budget for sex education, you can help by encouraging your Members of Congress to support the increased emphasis on SRA education in next year's federal budget. Click here for information on how to contact your Member of Congress.

For more information on Sexual Risk Avoidance Education and benefits of Abstinence, please visit the following ACPeds pages.
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