Should I ever take time off from teaching?
Why is it important to take time off?

As summer has arrived in South Dakota, I'm reminded of the importance of taking time off from schooling. Like us, you may follow a typical school calendar. Or maybe, you school year-round instead. Either way, it is a good idea to take at least a month off during your school year to recharge. 

How does having time off help your school year go better?

I find I am much more focused during my "school year," if I have had some time off to regroup. During our break, my kiddos read endless books for pleasure. They play outside, swim, play strategic board games, bake, bike, and work on projects. My boys love their time off, and so do I. It helps us all focus better on school when it rolls around again. 

Taking time off helps you recharge for the school year.

So, I encourage you to make sure to take some time for both you and your children to recharge. We take several months off in the summer. Then, we are very focused during our school year once it begins. With this schedule, we take little to no time off until summer rolls around again. Whatever your schedule, be sure to make time to have a more lengthy break! You may be surprised after your break at how ready you are to start school again.  
Heart of Dakota Grad Signs with Wheaton College!
Hi Mike and Carrie,

" . . . We wanted to share our second oldest son was a heavily recruited football player, and received many academic scholarships and football offers this year. We received nothing but praise from the numerous colleges he was accepted into (over 25) for the quality of his education and how it was reflected in his test scores, transcripts, and essays. He was accepted into Baylor, Case Western, University of Puget Sound, South Dakota School of Mines, Dordt, Whitworth, University of Colorado Boulder, just to name a few. He signed with Wheaton College in Chicago on Feb.1. The rich heritage, elite academics, the Christ-centered community, and the strength of their football program was deeply appealing to Garrett. He will be a pre-med student. So thankful for HOD, and your part in where our son is now.

Marianne B.
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From the Heart of Dakota E-Mailbag:

"We are HUGE HOD fans and love love LOVE you guys. Thanks for serving us military families that move all kinds of places!!!!"

-- Amy W.

" . . . I've loved doing Little Hearts with my daughter. This curriculum is such a blessing. No matter how many curriculums I looked into, I just kept being drawn back to it!

--Sarah K.

" . . . I also just wanted to share with you all what a blessing it has been to use your curriculum. I struggled to find the right curriculum for the first 5 years of homeschooling my oldest daughter. A friend mentioned HOD and I tried it out of desperation. I will never look back. I have 7 children, ages 12- 5 months, so I don't have time to do much research or prep work. I could go on and on, but the main reason I love your curriculum is how truly Christ-centered everything is. Lots of homeschool products claim to be, but they don't line up with our beliefs. Y'all are just all around perfect for our family. So thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate you."

Melissa R.
Eight-time PHS Winner!
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. . . this year we used HOD. They loved it . All of the art, projects for science, history. They are thrilled. 
Lou A -
5 Star Review on Facebook - May 2018

This is our 6th year using Heart of Dakota with a now 11th grader and 3rd grader.  We all love the suggested living books and through these very manageable reading plans have grown children with a love for the Bible, history and great literature - what more could you want from a curriculum?  All this and we're finished with time to spare in the afternoons to pursue personal interests, be involved in missions and ministry opportunities, and grow our family relationships.  I take any chance to share our love of Heart of Dakota with other homeschooling families we know (also - I've had the pleasure of meeting the Austins and Julie in person at our state conventions over the years; they truly care about each family and offer suggestions that fit your family in whatever season you are in).  
Stephanie C -
5 Star Review on Facebook - May 2018

HOD is one of the best! Nothing compares! A blessing to our family!
Sandra H -
5 Star Review on Facebook - May 2018
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