The Oxyview 1: The cost-effective oxygen electrode teaching system for liquid-phase respiration & photosynthesis.
The versatile system for demanding teaching and research environments.
Ideal for the busy teaching environment as well as the modern research facility.

The Oxyview 1 liquid-phase oxygen electrode teaching system meets the ever-increasing demand for a low-cost system for teaching photosynthesis and respiration measurements using the oxygen electrode technique.
Versatile & Accurate
The highly sensitive S1 Clark-type polarographic oxygen electrode disc mounted in a DW1/AD electrode chamber connected to the electrode control unit provides a highly versatile solution to measurements of dissolved oxygen in liquid-phase samples of between 0.2 – 2.5ml.

Its clear cast acrylic construction allows excellent sample visibility and uniform illumination. Precise temperature control of the sample and electrode disc can be achieved by connecting the water jacket of the DW1/AD to a thermoregulated circulating water bath.
Oxyview 1 Features:
  • Convenient, low-cost system for teaching of photosynthesis research & cellular respiration measurements
  • Clear cast acrylic DW1/AD oxygen electrode chamber with integral Clark type polarographic oxygen electrode
  • Oxyview electrode control unit with integral magnetic stirrer
  • Oxygen content of sample displayed as digital or percentage value
  • User-friendly configuration via a responsive 4 button control panel and a series of comprehensive menu screens
  • Analogue output for connection to a chart recorder or other external recording device
  • Minimal footprint (90 x 135mm) allowing multiple units when bench space is limited
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