Issue 16 | March 15, 2018
Dear Friends,

As I've shared at campaign events, community meetings, and in conversations with the people I meet in my daily trips to the 7-Eleven, I have three key areas of focus for my campaign and for this County: better schools, safe communities, and access for small and minority-owned businesses.

I'd like to spend some time talking about the first issue -- education, because it is a very complex area that is associated with a great deal of history and emotion. It is also one that is absolutely imperative that we get right -- our future literally depends on it.

It may surprise you to know that 80 percent of families in Prince George's County do not send their children to our public schools. This is staggering. There may be a variety of reasons for this, and it is important that people have and exercise options. However, it is safe to say that for a great many of the families in our County, our public schools are not an option.

This situation has a ripple effect. Families who live here also pay taxes here, and their taxes help support the school system. If they are also paying private school tuition, they are basically paying twice to educate their children, using resources that could be put to use in other ways -- to build a business, for retirement, for higher education, or simply to ensure they have a safety net for unexpected occurrences.
For the families who do choose to place their children in our public schools, this has implications for them as well. There is an advantage to having more parents involved with the schools, providing support for the teachers and an array of skills that can benefit the students. In our county, this advantage is lost. With only a small percentage directly involved with our schools, as a community we have also lost an important connection to one of the very pillars of our community.

We need to reverse this trend, and inspire trust and confidence in the Prince George's County Public schools again. However, this is not going to happen overnight. It will take time, attention, understanding, commitment and resources. Fortunately -- we do have the resources. For the rest, we need you -- 100 percent. Our children are counting on us.

We will talk about this issue again, and again. See you at the 7-Eleven,


Upcoming Events!
Sunday, March 18th will mark 100 days until our election! Join us as we continue to share our vision for an inclusive Prince George's County. Be sure to RSVP for all events you plan to attend to ensure you receive event changes or updates.

Friday March 16th - Sardi's Meet & Greet
Sardi's Bowie - 4001 Town Center Blvd

03/16/18 6:30pm - 03/16/18 8:00pm

Join #TeamAlsobrooks , and one of our local business supporters for a community meet and greet!
I'll be there!
Tuesday March 20th - New Carrollton Metro
03/20/18 7:00am - 03/20/18 8:00am

I'll be there!
Thursday March 22nd - Sardi's Meet & Greet
Sardi's Capitol Heights - 8811 Hampton Mall Drive N., Capitol Heights, MD 20743

03/22/18 6:30pm - 03/22/18 8:00pm

Join #TeamAlsobrooks and one of our local business supporters for a community meet & greet
I'll be there!
Sunday March 18th - 100 DAYS OUT CANVASS
Campaign HQ: 1101 Mercantile Lane Suite 291, Largo MD, 20774

03/18/18 12:30pm - 03/18/18 3:30pm

Join Angela and #TeamAlsobrooks for a 100 day out canvass kickoff!
I'll be there!
Wednesday April 4th - Sardi's Meet & Greet
Sardi's Temple Hills - 3443 Branch Ave, Temple Hills, MD 20748

04/04/18 6:30pm - 04/04/18 8:00pm

Join #TeamAlsobrooks, and one of our local business supporters for a community meet and greet
I'll be there!
Wednesday, March 28th - Women's Equality Forum
Prince George's College Rennie Forum Auditorium

Sponsored by Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. (TLOD)
Millenial Think Tank
Black Women's Roundtable

We are mothers, daughters, spouses, partners, sisters, friends, coworkers, nurturers and often teachers and service providers. The issues that affect women affect our entire community. Please join me and a panel of women from the education, business and civic engagement arenas to discuss some of the most critical issues women are facing today, and how men and women can work together to make positive changes and continue our advancement together as a society.

Topics will include strengthening the pipeline to place more women in leadership roles and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) paying women equally when they are in these roles. We will also discuss one of my personal passions, addressing and eradicating violence against women. We need you there.


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