Issue 1 | November 7, 2017
Message From Angela
Greetings friends and supporters and welcome to the Inaugural Team Alsobrooks Newsletter:

On July 31, 2017, I announced my candidacy for Prince George's County Executive. That date may have marked my official bid for the Office of County Executive, however, I have been unofficially working towards this goal through my various stages and walks of life which began as a young girl growing up in Camp Springs, continuing through high school where I was part of the student government, onto law school and my professional career choice as a public servant.

You see, I took my lead from our family values and made a conscious decision to follow a path of public service and keep doing what comes natural to me; helping people in the community by connecting them with resources they need and empowering them to move forward with confidence and the knowledge that when you know that you are not alone there is no issue or challenge too great to improve upon because whenever there is a unified purpose, I promise you inevitably changes and triumphs will happen!

That's where my expertise comes into play and if elected as your next County Executive, I will use your collective voices and my collective experiences of over two decades in government as my guide to implement greatly needed change within our educational system, build upon public safety initiatives such as community policing, expand upon our County's economic development appeal, and expand our health and human services with the assistance of community partners.

As I travel across Prince George's County to your neighborhoods and community events, I am hearing your concerns, addressing issues and formulating strategies that will lead to sustainable progress. Each month a segment of the newsletter will feature a section called "Community Conversations" that addresses topics I am discussing while on the campaign trail or thought you might be interested in. I hope that you will find the information here worthwhile and please feel free to let me know if there are specific topics or areas of concern you would like me to address. 

To reach me and my team directly or to send in photos of people representing #TeamAlsobrooks, please email us at . If you would like to invite us to an event you are having, please email us at .
Upcoming Events
Metro/Sign Waves 

Thursday, November 9th - Prince George's Plaza Metro - Meeting at entrance on Belcrest Road.

Tuesday, November 14th - Intersection of Route 4 and Silver Hill Road - Meeting at Democracy Federal Credit Union, 5720 Silver Hill Road District Heights, MD

Thursday November 16th - Landover Metro Station

Saturday, November 18th - Join us as we build upon our volunteer foundation in Bowie! We will be going out, gathering support and talking to residents in their neighborhoods and communities! 
Meeting at Safeway: 12410 Fairwood Pkwy, Bowie, MD at 11 a.m.

Office Needs

We are counting down to the opening of our official campaign headquarters. More details will be coming soon, but if you, or anyone you know has folding chairs, tables or small desks that are no longer being used, please reach out to Tyler Sterling regarding pickup/drop-off. Along with the larger items, the office can always use the more common items such as Extension Cords/Power Strips/Pens/Manilla Folders/ Binder Clips, Paper Clips, Rulers, etc.

Thank you!
Team Alsobrooks Spotlight - Business Advisory Council

I️ had a wonderful meeting with large and small business owners last month to discuss the business climate in our County, with and emphasis on helping current small and minority businesses succeed and how to attract new ones. 

Community Conversation: Alzheimer's Awareness Month
The state of our citizen’s health and well-being is of paramount importance to me and it has been a resounding theme of conversations that I’ve shared with so many of you. As a matter of fact, November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and the County is at a pivotal point as the regional hospital and a robust healthcare network begins to take shape that will further address health disparities such as Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia among the senior population, accounting for 50 to 80 percent of dementia cases. It is a progressive and irreversible disease where memory and cognitive abilities are slowly destroyed making it impossible to carry out even simple, daily tasks. Alzheimer's disease typically manifests after the age of 60. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alzheimer's disease is the fifth leading cause of death among adults aged 65 and older. The Alzheimer's Association notes that the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer's disease is estimated to reach 7.1 million by 2025—a 40 percent increase from the estimated 5 million age 65 and older currently affected by the disease.

To our dismay, many of us know of someone who suffers from this disease or has firsthand experiences caring for loved ones and friends with Alzheimer’s. I am a lifelong learner and firm believer that knowledge is power and encourage you to educate yourself about the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. By providing these tips from the Alzheimer's Association, it is my sincere hope that you will take time out to familiarize yourself with this disease in order to help someone,or yourself, that may be exhibiting symptoms and take the next step of seeing a doctor right away.

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's:
·         Memory loss that disrupts daily life
·         Challenges in planning or solving problems
·         Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure
·         Confusion with time or place
·         Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
·         New problems with words in speaking or writing
·         Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
·         Decreased or poor judgment
·         Withdrawal from work or social activities
·         Changes in mood and personality

Without a doubt, a yearly check-up is a must and always the best gift a person can give themselves. While on the topic of health, the county’s healthcare delivery has been transformed as a result of the partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System and our new reginal hospital and healthcare network that will grow from that is a major breakthrough for the County and Region. 

It is no secret that for decades, there was a mass exodus of Prince Georgians leaving the County for medical care and hospitalization. With the impending healthcare network in progress, the time has come to bring our residents back home for quality health care options at a world class facility.

University of Maryland Capital Region Health also seeks to serve as a catalyst for redevelopment and economic growth in the County, including the Largo region, with the construction of the University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center (to replace the current Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly) slated for groundbreaking later this year and an opening in 2021.

And we won’t stop there. My goal as your County Executive is to build upon this facility to create a world class healthcare network in the county that focuses on preventive medicine, along with treating existing illness. We must also begin to focus more on educating citizens on how to live healthy lifestyles with the appropriate diet and exercise and healthy eating options, something I will work to bring more of into the county.
Team Alsobrooks In Action