April 7, 2021

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2021-04-14 | Sell | Restricted | CZ Shadow 2, Black/Blue, Semi-Auto DA/SA Pistol | $1,100 | London, ON
Description: In 9mm Luger, this pistol comes with 3 mags. It’s in excellent shape, clean, (low round count, < 800. Original CZ lockable case, includes trigger lock and padlock for the case. Original CZ accessories included (buffers, Allen wrenches, manual, CD, etc.) NO TAX! Curbside pickup or buyer pays shipping. Pics here:
2021-04-07 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | Smith & Wesson, Model 10-5 in calibre .38 Special +P | $400 | Rockland, ON
Description: This is a model 10-5 revolver in excellent condition. It is equipped with Pachmayr® rubber grips and the wood grips are still in very good condition. Bore and cylinder in excellent condition. Specs: SKU 150786, Model Model 10, Caliber 38 S&W SPECIAL +P, Capacity 6, Length 8.9, Front Sight Black Blade, Rear Sight Fixed, Action Single/Double Action, Grip Wood, Cylinder Material Carbon Steel, Barrel Material Carbon Steel, Frame Material Carbon Steel, Frame Finish Blue, Barrel Length 4" (10.2 cm), Weight 34.4 oz. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | Smith & Wesson, Model 10-5 Snub Nose in .38 Special +P | $300 | Rockland, ON
Description: Smith & Wesson, Model 10-5, double-action, 6-shot revolver. Chambered for .38 calibre S&W Special cartridges. 2" snub nose barrel. Checkered wood grips. MATERIAL/FINISH: Blued metal finish. Wood grips. FEATURES: Pachmayr® RUBBER GRIPS (Wooden grips are in great condition). CONDITION: EXCELLENT. Bore and cylinder are like new. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | Ruger Target MKIII, Stainless | $500 OBO | Burlington, ON
Description: One Ruger Target MKIII, stainless steel, semi-auto pistol. .22 LR, 6" heavy wall target barrel with 3 Ruger factory mags, factory case, original manual, factory lock and accessory rail. Excellent condition – just like new – only used twice. Photos available on request. 
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | Norinco 1911-A1 | $400 | Hamilton, ON
Description: This Norinco 1911-A1 - .45 ACP is in excellent condition. Full-size government-style model. Blued, no "Norinco" or "China" markings. Also includes 2 magazines. Never had any issues – functions perfectly. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | Dominion Arms 1911-A1 | $400 | Hamilton, ON
Description: This Dominion Arms 1911 is in excellent condition. Commander 2-tone-style model. Blued slide and silver-plated frame. Never had any issues. Functions perfectly. Also includes 2 magazines. Pics available. 
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | CZ Shadow 2 Black/Blue Semi-Auto DA/SA Pistol | $1,100 | London, ON
Description: CZ Shadow 2 Black/Blue Semi-Auto DA/SA Pistol. 9mm Luger. Comes with 3 mags. Excellent shape, clean, low round count <800 rounds. Original CZ lockable case. Includes trigger lock and padlock for the case. Original CZ accessories included: buffers, Allen wrenches, manual, CD, etc. 11lb Wolff recoil spring installed, original 16lb spring included. 13lb CZ Main/Hammer spring and firing pin spring installed. Original springs included. Spring conversions reduce stock DA trigger pull from ~9lb to ~5.75lb and reduce stock SA trigger pull from ~3.75lb to ~2lb. NO TAX!! Curb-side pickup or buyer pays shipping. See pics here: 
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | 1993 Anaconda with 8-inch barrel | $2,850 plus shipping | ON
Description: Offered for sale is a rare 1993 Anaconda, double-action revolver with an 8” barrel chambered in .44 Magnum. The Anaconda was specifically designed for unlimited use of .44 Magnum ammo and has a massive forged frame and cylinder heat treated to provide the maximum strength. The satin stainless-steel revolver is based on the proven King Cobra revolver design, using a transfer bar ignition-safety action. The original papers/box are long gone. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. Asking $2,850 plus shipping. Insurance is recommended. First “I take it” rule applies. Payment by EMT before transfer is initiated. RPAL is a must. Thanks for looking. 
Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | Smith & Wesson, Model 4506 | $1,700 OBO | Toronto, ON

Description: This is a Smith & Wesson, Model 4506 in .45. Stainless, 127mm barrel with 2 clips. It’s in excellent condition! Buyer responsible for shipping/insurance. Has been a safe queen for 21 years. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | Colt King Cobra | $1,500 | Toronto, ON
Description: Very high-grade carbon steel with Colt's signature bright and highly-polished deep royal blued finish. It’s in excellent condition. .357 Sa/Da and made in 1988. Barrel length is 152mm. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Restricted | Smith & Wesson, Model 52 | $1,700 | Toronto, ON
Description: Very good condition. Comes with 2 mags and 300 rounds. Can meet anywhere close to 401 between Toronto and Montreal or Ottawa. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | Harrington & Richardson Model 732 in .32 Smith & Wesson | $125 OBO | Hamilton, ON
Description: This is a Harrington & Richardson 732 ‘Sidekick’ in .32 S&W Long. This is the small version with 2.5-inch barrel (63mm). Six shot, swing out cylinder, good lockup, black plastic grips, manufacture in 1965. It’s in good condition, blueing at 85%, slight pitting on one side of the cylinder. $125 OBO. Must have 12(6) status. EMT before transfer. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | Llama Comanche II in .38 Special | $250 OBO | Hamilton, ON
Description: This is a Llama Comanche II, .38 Special, with a 4-inch barrel, blue above average, functions perfectly. It has an adjustable rear sight, case hardened target trigger and hammer. Original wood grips, grooved front and rear backstrap, K-size frame. $250 OBO. Must have 12(6) status. EMT prior to transfer. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Sig Sauer 226R in .22LR | $700 | Spencerville, ON
Description: Full size with option to replace .22 slide with 9mm or 40mm slide. SA/DA, de-cocker, rear sight adjustable for both windage and elevation. Pistol is very accurate. Great trainer. Comes with aftermarket Hogue grips, original OEM grip and three 10-round mags. Very good condition. RPAL required. Shipping is extra. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Bersa Thunder XT Pro 9mm | $1,000 | Spencerville, ON
Description: All steel, SA/DA, de-cocker, fully adjustable rear sight and red fibre optic front sight. Hand-fitted 5" polygonal barrel and amazing match trigger. Designed for IPSC and IDPA. Includes five x 10 round mags. Very good condition. RPAL required. Shipping is extra. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Smith & Wesson Model 627 in .357 Mag. | $1,300 | Caledon, ON
Description: Performance Center Model 627, 8 shot in .357 mag./.38 Special. 5-inch barrel, brushed stainless steel, beautiful wood grip. A very accurate shooter. Life-time warranty from Smith & Wesson. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Want to Buy | Ruger Blackhawk New Model in .357 Cal. | Fair Market Price | Innisfill, ON
Description: I want to purchase a Ruger Blackhawk New Model .357 cal. with a 6.5" bbl. (STAINLESS). Must be factory original only. No add-ons or alterations. Ruger original pistol grips would be a plus. Photos upon request will be required. 
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Walther PPQ | $650 plus shipping | Manilla, ON
Description: Walther PPQ 5" M2 in 9mm. Includes 2 magazines, complete retail case, accessories and documentation. Seen 100 rounds max. $650 plus shipping. Pared it down to two pistols I actually use. This needs to go to a good home and get used. Payment via EMT within 24 hours of deal confirmation unless otherwise discussed. TRADES: Milsurp rifles, no SKS please. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Ruger SR 1911 – Stainless - .45 ACP | $1,275 OBO | Langley, BC
Description: Full size classic Ruger SR 1911 M6700 5" Stainless steel .45 ACP handgun in excellent condition (looks new!). Accurate, rugged and reliable, 100% American-made. A great shooter! Positive barrel lock-up allows for superior accuracy out-of-the-box. Oversized ejection port and extended magazine release. Large beavertail grip. Novak 3 dot sights. Hardwood grip panels. Lightweight, aluminum, skeletonized trigger with adjustable over-travel stop and provides a very crisp, no creep, light trigger-pull with a quick, positive reset. Skeletonized hammer is lightweight and provides faster cycling. Low round count - used very little, that is the reason for selling. Comes with one magazine, original Ruger gun rug and manual. Buyer is responsible for shipping/insurance fees. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Smith & Wesson Model 629-3 DA/SA Stainless Steel Revolver in .44 Rem Mag. | $1,150 OBO | Langley, BC
Description: Smith & Wesson (S&W) Model 629-3 DA/SA Revolver - 44 Rem Mag, 6.5", Polished stainless-steel frame and cylinder, large N frame (N) with full under-lug (better to resist barrel rise), custom Hogue rubber grip, 6 rd. cylinder, reflective dot front & adjustable white outline rear sights. Wide hammer thumb rest and wide serrated target trigger. Excellent condition with excellent cylinder lock-up. Single small light burnish mark on frame top and relatively light cylinder rotation mark highlighting low round count with predominantly 44 Special rounds. Buyer will appreciate the Hogue energy absorbing grip and the longer full under-lug barrel over many current offerings, which enhances accuracy and reduces felt recoil. This firearm is a great shooter, I am just now using it enough and need to "recover some toy funds" so I can get into bench-rest shooting. Buyer to pay shipping/insurance. Photos on request.
 2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Chiappa Rhino 50DS Revolver in .357 Magnum | $1,375 OBO | Langley, BC
Description: The Chiappa RHINO 50DS Revolver is an awesome-looking, innovative and quite unique revolver. This "hard-to-find" revolver has the barrel aligned to the bottom of the cylinder thus lowering recoil moment by directing the recoil force more directly into the strong hand instead of over the wrist, which ultimately reduces barrel rise and provides a more comfortable shooting experience. This model has a very well-balanced, light coloured, brushed-nickel finished frame with a 5" barrel, excellent fully adjustable sights, a wide trigger, an effectively textured walnut grip and a front under-barrel Picatinny rail for mountable accessories. No marks on frame or grip - only a barely perceptible rub mark in one spot near a cylinder index point. The firearm is in excellent condition having experienced only a very low round count. If you like revolvers, you will like this one to have in your collection. Moving into bench-rest shooting and need the funds so I am selling this beauty. Buyer is responsible for all shipping/insurance fees. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | Ruger New Vaquero in .45 Colt | $925 OBO | Langley, BC
Description: Ruger New Vaquero revolver in .45 Colt with a 7.5" barrel. Blued/black finish w/black polymer grip (extra 3rd party wood grips included). Silver-sided polished hammer and trigger. Excellent condition/beautiful firearm. Hard to find barrel length. Finish is near 100% (w/only slight cylinder mark - never holstered - edge finish perfect). Comes in original box w/internal lock keys and manual. Revolver is a safe queen thus reason for selling. Buyer is responsible for paying shipping/insurance. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Restricted | RARE .44 Colt Anaconda *NIB/UNFIRED* $ REDUCED $ | $5,950 | Belleville, ON
Description: 1991 Colt Anaconda NEW and unfired in original case/packaging. Ser.# under first 11,000 of production, 1st generation. Very rare, classic collector piece, even more so as it is unfired. Immaculate condition. Extras: Snap caps, HKS speedloaders (2), and 3 custom (1 double, 1 single) custom handmade, basket weave speedloader pouches (by Joe Laroche custom leather work). Pictures gladly supplied upon request via email or text. Thank you. 
 2021-03-31 | Want to Buy | Prohibited 12(6) | Smith & Wesson Prohibs | TBD | Hamilton, ON
Description: I’m looking to purchase Smith & Wesson Prohib Revolvers, Model 30-1, Model 31-1, Model 36 (3-inch heavy barrel), Model 18. Condition should be at least very good. Please reply with price. Pictures will be required.

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2021-04-07 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Disabled Training Firearms | Price TBD | Vernon, BC
Description: I’m a retired Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms Instructor selling training firearms. All firearms have been disabled. They’re in very good to excellent condition. Best price for complete set(s). Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Ruger Gunsight Scout | $1,500 | Midland, ON
Description: This bolt-action .308 comes with a Bushnell 2.5 to 6 scope. Extra 3-round magazine. 18.4 inch barrel with flash suppressor. New condition and only fired to sight in scope. 2 boxes of .308 included. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Savage Axis, .22-250 in Stainless Steel | $600 OBO | Burlington, ON
Description: Savage Axis, .22-250 in Stainless Steel, bolt action, synthetic stock. 22” barrel. With Redfield 4-12x40mm Revolution Scope with Butler Creek pop-up optics covers. With sling mounts and rubber stock butt pad. Just like new condition, no more than 20 rounds fired. Excellent hunting rifle for predators or larger varmint.
2 factory mags included. $600 OBO. Pics available upon request. 
2021-03-31 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Browning A-Bolt Hunter in .243 | $750 | Edmonton, AB
Description: 1986 Browning A-Bolt Hunter, in .243 Win. with a 22" barrel. Good bore with light round count. Olive green finish on wood stock, some chips, accurate and super reliable. Will provide reload info and can provide various bullets and brass on request. $750, shipping extra. Photos on request.


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NOTE: It is the legal opinion of the CSSA that the Liberal government's Order in Council dated May 1, 2020, bans (in Canada) most modern 12-gauge and 10-gauge shotguns with removable chokes as they exceed the maximum bore diameter of 20 mm as defined in SOR/2020-96. To date, however, there have been no official changes made to the Firearms Reference Table (FRT).

2021-04-07 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Remington 12-gauge semi-auto | $500 | Ontario
Description: This shotgun is a 1957 Sportsman and has amazing engravings. It is in showroom condition and has hardly been used. Very light and extremely comfortable in stock hand. Only selling because I have 3 different types and years and mainly use my Versa Max. Photos on request.
 2021-04-07 | Sell | Non-Restricted | 1978 BRNO O/U Model ZH303 12 Gauge | $590 plus shipping | Pefferlaw, ON
Description: Offered for sale is a 1978 BRNO O/U Model ZH303 12 gauge. This solid shotgun with great engravings has 30" full/full barrels and is referred to as the trap model. I used it for trap and hunting. Includes removable red eye. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. Asking $590 plus shipping. Insurance is recommended. Prefer hand delivery north of GTA along Hwy 404. First “I take it” rule applies. Payment by EMT only. PAL is a must. Please no low balls. Thanks for looking. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Pointer 1000 Synthetic O&U 12 Gauge | $750 | Newmarket, ON
Description: Pointer 1000 Synthetic O&U 12 gauge shotgun. Real Tree Max 5 Camo shotgun. 3-inch, 28-inch barrels, ventilated rib. Fibre-optic front site, 5 choke tubes, great field gun. Less than 1 year old. Like new with box, manual etc. Photos on request. GTA Ontario. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Want to Buy | Non-Restricted | 28 Gauge Side-by-Side Shotgun | $600 | Oshawa, ON
Description: I am looking for a European-built, 28 gauge, hammerless, side-by-side shotgun (Belgian or Spanish?). I would prefer double triggers and splinter forend but neither are an absolute necessity. As long as bores are good, I can live with rough condition. I have equipment and necessary skills to refinish and rust blue metal, and to repair, re-checker and refinish stocks. Photos on request.
NOTE: Hand-loaded ammunition will not be sold on CSSA MarketPlace.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Two universal charge bars | $75 | Courtice, ON
Description: I have two universal charge bars for sale. 1 Model B201. 1 Model C. Both made in Canada. Able to set your own shot and powder weight. Comes with manual instructions. $75 for both. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | A collection of MEC Powder Bushings | $150 | Courtice, ON
Description: I have a total of 30 MEC powder bushings for sale: 8,10,11,12,12A,13,15,16,17,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38&39. Asking $150. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Want to Buy | Gun holster with belt for a revolver | Fair Market Price | Ontario
Description: I’m looking for a holster with belt for a large revolver. Leather preferably, like old western style with ammo holes as well. Also looking for holster and belt for semi-auto 9mm handgun. 
2021-04-07 | Sell | Glock Conversion Kit, .22 LR includes cleaning kit | $375 | London, ON
Description: AS NEW: Advantage Arms Glock .22 LR conversion kit. Everything you need and more to convert your Glock to a .22 LR shooter. Extra mag included too. Fits G17, G17L, G22, G31, G34, G35, G37 (Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 Glocks only). No Firearms Licence Required. The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. Last round lock open, internal firing pin safety. All Aluminum parts are Anodized Per Mil-A-8625 with a matte black finish. All steel parts are heat treated with a Black Oxide Finish. The barrel is made from heat treated 416 Stainless Steel. Installation is simple and does not require any modifications to your GLOCK pistol. Simply remove the GLOCK magazine and slide as outlined in your GLOCK owner's manual. Now slide the "Advantage Arms" slide onto the frame until it engages with the slide lock. Check to make sure that the slide lock is in its most upward position. Insert the conversion magazine. You are now ready to shoot. Curbside pickup or buyer pays shipping. No Tax! Pics here:
2021-04-07 | Sell | 12-Gauge Shotshell Caddies | $100 | Oshawa, ON
Description: 3 Taccom Shotshell Caddies for Shotgun Shooting Competition. For fast loading. Holds 6 shells per caddy. Like new! 
Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Bianchi Leather Holster for Glock 17 | $35 | Oshawa, ON
Description: Bianchi #80 Leather Holster for your Glock 17 in tan colour. Never used in competition. Asking $35. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | .300 WinMag Brass | $60 | Edmonton, AB
Description: 100 assorted .300 WinMag cases, all for $60. Once fired. Deprimed and tumbled. 32 Winchester, 24 Winchester nickel-plated, 20 Hornady, 14 Federal, 10 Federal (twice fired, not tumbled). Canada Post shipping extra. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | 4 Revolver .45 ACP Stainless Belt Holders | $50 | Pefferlaw, ON
Description: Stainless steel moon clip belt holders for .45 ACP ammo. 4 pieces shipped for $50. Pics to your email. Cheers! 
2021-03-31 | Sell | Master Keyed Trigger Lock | $80 | Geraldton, ON
Description: For handguns Master Keyed Trigger Lock, rifles and shotguns w/2 keys each. Excellent condition. Shipping and insurance at buyer’s expense. Photos on request.

2021-03-31 | Sell | 4 Boxes of Federal American Eagle .44 Rem Mag 240 Gr JHP 50/Box | $200 | Pefferlaw, ON
Description: Like the title says $200 for 4 boxes. Surplus to my needs. Also can trade for: Campro 9mm 124 grs FM or .223 ammo with brass case and minimum 62 grs projectile, or TRS-25/26 red dot plus cash. EMT only, no shipping. PAL required. Meet at Sharon Gun Club, North of GTA or ? Photos on request. Cheers! 
2021-03-31 | Sell | Reloading supplies and Ammo | Current store prices, priced to sell | Silverdale or Guelph, ON
Description: New components: Primers CCI, S&B, Win Powder Varget, Tightgroup Bullets 9, .45, .223 Used brass ~ New ammo:
.223, .45, 7.62.39, 7.62.25.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Locks and More Locks | Varied Prices | London, ON
Description: Long and short cable locks, Marlin Lever Action Rifle locks, Ruger Rifle lock, magazine locks for rifles that use the AR15 style magazines. All individually priced to sell! Curb side pickup or buyer pays shipping. Pics here:
 2021-03-31 | Sell | .223 Remington Ammunition | $300 | London, ON
Description: I have 400 rounds of .223 Remington ammunition, Chinese manufacture, non-corrosive, PAL required. Curbside pickup only. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Federal AutoMatch .22LR | $32.50 | London, ON
Description: 325 Rounds/box, 6 boxes available. Target Grade Performance, 40 grain solid bullet, muzzle velocity 1200 FPS. Curb-side pickup only. PAL required. NO TAX! Pics here:

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2021-04-07 | Sell | Strike Industries Cookie Cutter Comp | $50 | Renfrew, ON
Description: Strike Industries Cookie Cutter Comp .300-.308-7.62 (5/8x24) with crush washer in new condition. Looks unusual but works very well especially on Scout-style rifle. Does not add a lot of weight, but you can tell when it is on the gun. Gains in manageability counter the weight two-fold. I had on MPV but sold that and put on factory bird cage. Even with crush washer, you may require shims. Buyer pays shipping. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Non-Restricted | LIKE NEW: Bolt for a Cooey .22 calibre. Rifle: Model 60 | $80 | Tillsonburg, ON
Description: Like new bolt for a Cooey rifle, Model 60 in .22 cal. S, L, LR. Can be picked up locally. Will ship within Canada. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Rare PYTHON Gen 1 stocks | $450 | Pefferlaw, ON
Description: Something you rarely see for sale. Python Gen 1 grips from the 1950s. Pictures are part of the description to your email. Any questions now is the time, no trades. First "I take it" with EMT within 12 hrs gets them. Price is $450 plus shipping and insurance on buyer. Cheers! 
2021-03-31 | Want to Buy | Restricted | Stock 1911 barrel and spring | Up to $125 | Powell River, BC
Description: I’m looking for a stock 1911 .45 ACP, 5-inch barrel and stock spring. Colt preferred, but will consider all other makes, except Norinco. Willing to pay a fair price. 
2021-03-31 | Sell | 4 .22 rifle magazine 10 round | $80 | Geraldton, ON
Description: For Sale: 4-Savage MK II .22 LR cal. 10-round capacity magazine $80. Blued steel magazine in excellent condition. Will work in Stevens, Savage and Lakefield Mark II, 300, 501, 504, & 900 series bolt action repeating .22LR & 17 MACH 2 rimfire rifles. Shipping and insurance at buyer’s expense. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Want to Buy | E-Lander AIA M10B .308 Mags | Fair Market Price | Vaughan, ON
Description: I need to buy 1 or 2 E-LANDER AIA M10B type .308 magazines for my Australian International Arms M10-B2 MATCH rifle. If you have any of these mags for sale, please email me pics and price that you need. Thank you. 
2021-03-31 | Want to Buy | Non-Restricted | Bolt for a Cooey Model 39 | Fair Market Price | Tillsonburg, ON
Description: Looking to purchase a full bolt assembly for a Cooey Model 39, .22 calibre rifle. Will pay fair market price and shipping, or will pick up if nearby. I would also consider buying a “parts gun” if available and reasonably priced. Photos on request.
2021-04-07 | Sell | Lee Shaver Vernier Mid-Range Soule Sight and Globe Front Sight with Spirit Level | $550 | Headingley, MB
Description: I have for sale a Lee Shaver Vernier Mid-Range Soule Sight, Globe Front Sight with Spirit Level, 10 inserts and Hadley Eye Piece. I paid $700 for the sights, was mounted on rifle and used once. My eye sight is not great so I have switched to a scope. It has the Winchester base and bolts. I had it mounted on my High Wall. But you can buy different bases for this sight. Asking $550 plus shipping. Photos on request.
 2021-04-07 | Sell | Zeiss Clone 6-24x50mm | $150 | Kawartha Lakes, ON
Description: As new, great scope 30mm tube, illuminated retical, been used last for years on my .270. No problems with scope, and better than the real Zeiss at 1600. Photos on request.
 2021-03-31 | Sell | Leupold/SAKO Rings | $75 | Oshawa, ON
Description: Leupold Scope Rings. Leupold Extra-High Rings for 1” Scope Tube to fit directly on Sako Dovetails. Brand-New, Never Mounted. Leupold Part Number: 54410. Photos on request.
2021-03-31 | Sell | Nikon Prostaff 5: 20-60x82mm Zoom Spotting/Fieldscope, Model #6975 | $750 OBO | Langley, BC
Description: The Nikon Prostaff 5: 20-60 x 82mm Spotting/Field scope is an excellent Nikon-quality optical product having a very large range of magnification and a very large objective (82 mm) to bring in lots of light giving a large and bright field of view. That is what makes it such a great target or wildlife spotting scope. This scope has been used very little and is in excellent condition both optically and physically – i.e. it looks and performs like new! The scope has an angled eyepiece for more comfortable viewing and a convenient sliding sunshade. Other specs and pictures for this scope can be found at the following link: 
https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/fieldscopes/prostaff-5-20-60x82mm-angled-body.html#tab-ProductDetail-ProductTabs-Overview (Note that this is a US website and quotes US prices – this quality and powerful scope is very difficult to find in Canada). The scope will come in its original box. Buyer is responsible for shipping/insurance. Photos on request.
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