JANUARY 22, 2020

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2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | CZ 9mm Tactical Target Handgun | $1,100 | Belleville, ON

Description: Like new, 5 mags, custom adjustable back sight. Extra parts as supplied in original box. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | Uberti 45 Colt Cattleman Revolver | $550 | Belleville, ON

Description: Revolver is like new. Photos on request.

Please contact:   krhpsfy13i@cssamarketplace.com
2020-01-22 | Sell | Prohibited 12(2) | Makarov Pistol | $400 OBO | Bristol’s Hope, NL

Description: This Makarov, ser no. C5846 is in good condition. Eastern German (?) MFG. Has ’60 over Y’ after ser number. Could be year of MFG. Also have 200 rounds of ammo to go with it. Photos on request.

Please contact:  ypfdfxyr4f@cssamarketplace.com
2020-01-22 | BUY | Restricted | Shooters Arms (SAM) 1911 | $TBD | Hamilton, ON

Description: Looking for a SAM 1911 Commander Enhanced 9mm Stainless Steel or possibly SAM Sigma 9. Condition to be at least very good. Let me know what you have and price. Will require pictures.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | BUY | STI Ranger II or III, .40 S&W | $TBD | Niagara Region, ON

Description: Want to purchase a STI Ranger II in .40 S&W. Would also consider a Ranger III. Condition must be at least very good. Let me know what you have and at what price.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | CZ Shadow 2 with optic | $1,300 | Beaconsfield, QC

Description: CZ Shadow 2 represents the generation of today’s legendary CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow. This firearm was developed in collaboration with the elite CZUB IPSC shooters to significantly contribute to speed and accuracy during competitions. Using the cutting-edge production equipment, a pistol was born that pushes the boundaries of IPSC sports shooting even further. It has been through 400 rounds. Specifications: Caliber: 9mm. Capacity: 10. Action: DA/SA. Frame: Steel. Slide: Steel. Grip: Aluminum Panels. Safety: Hammer Safety Notch, Manual Safety. Finish: Arcor Nitride. Barrel Length: 5″. Sights: Adjustable Rear, Fiber Optic Front. Trigger Pull: SA = 1.8-3.3 lbs. Overall Length: 8.5″. Weight: 2.97 lbs. Comes With:
case, 3x magazines. P hotos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | Sig Sauer Elite P226 | $1,000 | Beaconsfield, QC

Description: The Sig Sauer P226 is the pistol that set the standard by which all other combat handguns are measured. Designed as Sig's entrant in the military trials to replace the 1911, today the P226 is the sidearm of choice for many law enforcement, military, and government agencies around the world, including Canada's own elite Joint Task Force 2 and the U.S Navy SEALs. It has seen 500 rounds.  Need to make room and need the money to buy a rifle for hunting. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | Smith & Wesson, Model 659, 9mm | $600 OBO | Neebing, ON

Description: New breed frame, stainless steel model, with a round count of 1200. Great condition open. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | 1934 Mauser Kriegsmarine Var. No 1 (German Nazi Navy) | $1,500 | Windsor, ON

Description: This beautiful pre-WWII German Navy Mauser Kreigsmarine .32 calibre pistol is very rare and is in excellent, excellent condition. Comes with the original holster, original magazine, plus an additional magazine. This pistol was made in 1937 and has the appropriate markings of the last three digits of the serial number on all the appropriate components. Also stamped with the Nazi eagle. Also marked N 1162 (Nordic theater) on the pistol and magazine. Beautiful walnut checkered original grips. Must have Prohibted 12(6) class on PAL to purchase and own. Located in Windsor. Pictures available on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Restricted | Browning Buckmark Practical URX | $300 | Belleville area, ON

Description: In ‘as new’ condition with less than 50 rounds. Currently a safe queen. You pay the shipping. It would be nice for someone to use this great pistol. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Restricted | Smith & Wesson, Model 629-3, .44 Magnum | $900 | Durham Region, ON

Description: S&W, Model 629-3, .44 mag. Stainless 6" barrel. Full lug barrel. Non-Fluted Cylinder. Synthetic Grips. Has been serviced to correct barrel to cylinder gap. BACKED BY SMITH & WESSON LIFETIME SERVICE POLICY. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | Smith & Wesson Revolver | $399 | Delhi, ON

Description: Model 63, Compact J frame, .22LR, double-action revolver in stainless steel. Original grips and blue box with metal corners. The owner’s manual and brochures included. Great fit for smaller hands! Prohibited. Reduced! $399. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Restricted | Extremely Rare 9mm Beretta 92FS Steel 1 | $2,450 Shipped/Or Trade | Winnipeg, MB

Description: 2500 made for one year (2004-05) in Italy with only six making it to Canada according to Stoeger Canada. Excellent bore and exterior. Features (from website) include steel frame, frame mounted safety, nickel-alloy finish, Novak low profile 3-dot sights (removable front and rear), extended magazine release, recoil-reducing Brigadier slide, forward slide serration, skeletonized hammer, adjustable trigger stop on frame, thin Vertec-style grip, 3lb. trigger, Beretta case, manual, 2 Beretta nickel mags, round count is 922 to present, chrome steel 4.7" barrel. Overall length: 8.3", Height: 5.5", Width: 1.6", Weight: 42.3 oz. The Steel 1 is perfect for IDPA enhanced service pistol division competition. $2,450 shipped with "Signature Required". Payment by E-transfer.  TRADE : 9mm S&W 952-2 Longslide (6" barrel). Plus cash to you. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Restricted | CZ 75B High Gloss Stainless 9mm | $950 Shipped | Winnipeg, MB

Description: Excellent condition inside and out. Steel frame with 4.6” barrel. Includes 2 magazines, original box, manual, 438 round count. $950 shipped. Payment by E-Transfer. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Restricted | CZ Tactical Sport 9mm IPSC Standard | $1,800 OBO | Oshawa, ON

Description: The CZ Tactical Sport is a competition-ready 9mm Luger pistol engineered for IPSC standard division (USPSA limited division) events. The CZ Tactical Sport pistol features superior weight and balance, an ambidextrous safety, SA trigger, extended mag release, fixed rear sight, and a checkered front and rear strap. A large magazine well for fast mag changes and a more substantial grip that accommodates a heavy-duty, high-capacity magazine round out this proven winner in practical shooting disciplines. For a high-quality, low-cost competition sidearm, check out this affordable CZ 75 Tactical Sport. Product Specifications for CZ-75 Tactical Sport Orange Pistol 9mm 10 RD. Manufacturer: CZ USA. Caliber: 9mm. Model: 75 Tactical Sport Orange. Width: 1.77". Height: 5.9". Capacity: 10. # Of Magazines: 5 weighted magazines. Action: Single. Overall Length: 8.86". Frame Color: Black. Frame Material: Steel. Grip: Aluminum. Slide Color: Black. Barrel Length: 5.23". Weight Unloaded: 47.5 oz. Accessories: Manual, Lock. Case. Photos on request.

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2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Ruger SR-22 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle .22LR | $600 OBO | Calgary, AB

Description: *Good Condition, Modified* Ruger SR-22 Semi-Auto Rimfire Rifle .22LR with FOUR 10-round Ruger BX10 Magazines. Nikon PROSTAFF Rimfire BDC 3-9x40 Scope with sun shade, Nikon M-223XR mount, GG&G Bipod, Magpul AFG-2 Angled Fore Grip, Iron Eagle Tactical Handguard and Brushguard. $600+ shipping. Calgary area preferred. Must have PAL. Photos available on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | NEA-15 | $1,100 | Durham, ON

Description: As new condition. Has red dot and pop-up sights. Comes with factory grip as well as a Hexmag grip. Shipping will be extra.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | NIB Browning BL-22 Grade II | $799 | Bobcaygeon, ON

Description: New in box and unfired, Grade II with all the engraving, Buck Mark in Gold on trigger guard, steel receiver engraved, short throw, Walnut stock,15-round capacity. Shoots S, L and LR. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Pedersoli Gibbs Long Range .45 Muzzle Loader | $1,750 | Markham, ON

Description: Shoots MOA at 300 metres (no wind!) and the Gibbs consistently holds the world record for 1,000 yards for muzzleloaders. Comes with 100 glass cork stopped powder vials, 130 .448” paper patch bullets. 4 platinum nipples. Aluminum travel case. Complete competition trigger uninstalled. All loading accoutrements + 36” powder drop funnel, 2 rods and complete support case. Lead furnace + Pedersoli handles and steel bullet moulds in .451”, 535gr. Ready to shoot, in immaculate condition with powder, patches, bullet extractors, (pneumatic and screw). It’s unusual, it’s sexy, it’s fiddly. Its shooting isn’t fast, but it’s gorgeous and oh so satisfying to shoot well. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Sako .308 TRG, Model 22 | $3,800 | Belleville, ON

Description: Sako, Model 22, with hard case, mount and without scope. Like new, green stock. Scope available. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Sako .338 TRG, Model 42 Lapua Rifle | $3,800 | Belleville, ON

Description: Gun is like new with little use. Has hard case and manuals. Black stock. Near scope rail mount. Several scopes available at extra cost. Also have a TRG Model 22 for sale. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | CZ Scorpion 9mm | $1,100 | Belleville, ON

Description: This gun is like new in box. Comes with manual, extra fore stock and scope and two mags. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | US Rifle M1 Garand | $2,200 | Oshawa, ON

Description: This Springfield Armory M1 Garand is in very good condition. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Restricted | M1 Carbine | $650 | Oshawa, ON

Description: This Plainfield M1 Carbine is in EXCELLENT condition. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Kid-Sized Crickett Precision .22 | $400 | Waterloo, ON

Description: It's a sniper rifle, but in a kid-sized package. Bought it so that my ten-year-old could get into the sport, and he loved it. He's 13 now and the firearm is a tad small on him. Amazingly accurate; you can shoot the wings off a fly at 40'. It’s a single shot .22LR. Comes with scope, bi-pod, muzzle break, etc. Going to miss it. We had a lot of great memories with it. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle | $900 | Ottawa, ON

Description: This Swiss K31 rifle comes with 6-round removable magazine, leather sling, brass muzzle cover, two original waxed cardboard chargers and rifle cleaning kit. Manufactured in 1943 with matching serial number 763835 on bolt, receiver and magazine. Walnut stock has been marked through use over the decades, but in good condition. Waffenfabrik Bern inspection marks on receiver as well as other armourer markings. Checked by gunsmith Jason Spencer at Gunco 6 years ago when I originally purchased this firearm. However, I've only fired about 30 rounds since purchase. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Winchester, Model 1894 | $1,500 | Bristol’s Hope, NL

Description: 1894 Win. MFG 1907, ser. no. 425648, octagon 26 in. bbl. Well used, but in good condition. Good bore, tight action. Wood has some minor scratches/dents but no cracks, screw heads not marred. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | Rifle | Winchester, Model 94 .30-30 | $650 | Bristol’s Hope, NL

Description: Winchester, Model 94, .30-30, ser. no. 2200713, MFG. 1956. Wood and steel in good condition, screws not marred. Tight, smooth action. Good bore. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Browning X-Bolt Hunter NS, .270W | $1,100 | Bobcaygeon, ON

Description: New, unfired, in box. Walnut stock, complete with Browning one-piece scope mounts in package. Gold trigger. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Sako A7 S, .270 WSM/plus | $1,400 | Bobcaygeon, ON

Description: Unfired Sako A7 S. Stainless steel with soft touch synthetic stock, Weaver scope mounts plus additional Boyds stock. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Browning Belgium BAR, Cal. .30-06 | $850 | Chatham, ON

Description: Browning Belgium BAR in .30-06 cal. Good or better condition. Very little rounds through it. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Maccabee Defense Industry SLR | $3,750 | Durham Region, ON

Description: MDI SLR. 7.62x39. Semi Auto. Non-Restricted. 18.6" MRA Barrel. Mil-Spec buffer tube and buttstock. 15" M-Lok shroud. Vortex Viper 3-9x Scope. Vortex Cantilever Mount. Vortex Defender Flip Caps. (2) LAR pistol mags. I've only fired 80 rounds through this gun. Functions perfectly. I am the only owner. This is not a preorder. No waiting Cash, go and shoot it. The wait times can be quite long for this AR-style, non-restricted rifle. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | WK180-C | $1,050 | Langley, BC

Description: Brand new WK180-C in box, not even opened. I got a deal on it so I'm passing it to you before our stupid government bans them. If they don't know you have it well...up to you if you want to turn it in or not! Photo is a picture of mine. New one doesn't come with any sights. Price is plus shipping...no tax! Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Remington Bushmaster 30:6 Semi-Auto | $700 OBO | London, ON

Description: This is a great deer rifle that I cannot use anymore. It’s in excellent condition and is very accurate for moose and deer alike. It has a heavy duty military sling. As I now have two new hips, I find walking in the woods too challenging. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Norinco M305 Blackfeather | $1,100 | Durham Region, ON

Description: For sale: Norinco M305 7.62mm x 51,18.5" barrel. Includes: 1) 5/5 magazine; 2) 5/20 magazine; 2) eLander magazines; CASM optical rail made in Canada by  M1A.ca ; MIA.ca  Blackfeather aluminum stock; owner’s manual for M305; instruction manual for Blackfeather system; original packaging for the rifle in its original form; cleaning kit and sling. Not included in price, but available: Vortex Spitfire 3x for $400; surplus ammo 500 in tin box for $200. Pictures can be sent by email or text. Copy and paste into address bar:

2019-12-31 | Sell | Restricted | Norinco CQ-A 5.56 w/XTRAS | $750 OBO | Brampton, ON

Description: Selling NORINCO CQ-A 5.56 with 14.5 inch chrome-lined barrel, free floating quad rail, muzzle brake, Hyperfire EDT Marksmen 4lb trigger, carry handle optic mount, NcSTAR 1x30 Red Dot, 5-way adjustable foregrip and buttstock, 1x brand new! MFT 5-round magazine, Brownell’s receiver sling mount, SPECTER 3-point sling. This is an excellent entry level gun or an addition to a collection. I put about 600 rounds through this rifle and haven't had a single issue in 3 years. It’s in great shape and operates flawlessly with any and all .223 and 5.56 rounds. I bought it as a demo from a show, and I have loved it since. I have recently upgraded and no longer need it. Comes with spare parts. Pics available.

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2020-01-22 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Derya MK-10 Semi-Auto Magazine-Fed Shotgun 12Ga, 3” | $400 OBO | Calgary, AB

Description: *Good condition* 200+ rounds fired, no issues. Three 5-round and one 3-round magazine included, folding stock, Vortex Sparc Red Dot. Original leather case. $400+ shipping. Calgary area preferred. Must have PAL. Photos available upon request.

2020-01-22 | TRADE | Non-Restricted | Mossberg 590M with many accessories | Would like to trade rather than sell | Hamilton, ON

Description: This is not a stock Mossberg 590M with 1 mag. Upgraded with: Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus (shotgun also has Ghost Sights), ATI Halo Side Saddle and 6 Piece Add-A-Shell Package (installed), ATI Strikeforce Stock (Installed), ATI Pistol Grip, 10-round mag + 15-round mag. On a trade, I would prefer something with the Smith & Wesson brand. However, I would like a 9mm revolver or a nice red dot would be good. Cash included in the trade would be possible either way. The price will be cheaper if you pick up the shotgun. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Remington, Model 870 Tactical Pump | $800 OBO | Neebing, ON

Description: Black 870 pump. Comes with folding stock and pistol grip. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Beretta 682 OU Gold E Trap | $2,850 | Chatham, ON

Description: In very good condition with a low shell count. Retail price was $6,000. Comes with hard case and 5 chokes and choke wrench. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Non-Restricted | 20 Ga. Browning Citori Lightning | $1,850 | Whitby, ON

Description: 20 Ga. Browning Citori Feather Lightning with adjustable GRACO recoil pad. Currently set for 13 7/8 LOP. Can adjust to 14 ¾. Shot less than 300 rounds. $1,850. Photos on request.

Please contact:  aiqibu7jmj@cssamarketplace.com
2019-12-31 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Remington 1100 12 Ga | $500 | Mississauga, ON

Description: This shotgun is in very good condition. It was only retired last year because of a purchase of a new shotgun. 2 barrels, 30", which has been bored out for steel shot and a 20" slug barrel. There is also a rifled choke for Sabots. A walnut stock, but has a mossy oak wrap on it. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Cooey, Model 840 .410 Ga | $75 | Mississauga, ON

Description: This .410 shotgun is a very good starter gun for a new hunter. To my knowledge, the only thing wrong with his gun is that the spring under the fore stock is broken. The gun is clean and maintained. Photos on request.

2020-01-22 | Sell | MEC Shotshell Reloader | $250 | Oshawa, ON

Description: This MEC 20Ga shotshell reloader is in new condition. Loaded only 2 boxes of shells.

2020-01-22 | Sell | MEC Progressive Reloader | $375 | Oshawa, ON

Description: This MEC Grabber 12Ga progressive shotshell reloader is in very good condition. Comes with extra charge bars and assorted powder bushings.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Excalibur Crossbow | $675 | Chatham, ON

Description: This Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow is like new. Only fired to sight in. Comes with cocking rope, 4 bolts and quiver and Tact-Zone scope. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | HKS Speedloaders, Model 22-J | $30 for both | Toronto, ON

Description: Fits S&W 34, 35, 43, 63, also fits K Frame. Does not fit Ruger SP101 10-round. NEW in original packages. They cost me $40. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Beretta 92/96 Holsters | $100 OBO | Thunder Bay, ON

Description: Two right-hand holsters for Beretta 92/96, Safariland black leather paddle style #28C94. Some wear but great shape and Blackhawk CQC SERPA model #410504BK-R black, new in packaging $100 OBO. Shipping to be determined. Photos available on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | 50 rounds of .454 Casull | $60 | Ottawa, ON

Description: Winchester-made. Local pick up. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Safari Rifle Case | $125 | Durham Region, ON

Description: Sleek hard-body construction with aluminum trim. Shock-resistant foam interior. 2 integral combination locks. Instructions included on how to change combination. 4 keys included. Case has Velcro straps inside to hold your firearm in place. 5 locking latches on the side that can be locked with a key. 2 three-digit combination locks. Case is built well and durable. Original bill of sale. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | 9mm, .40 S&W and misc. other brass | For Sale or Trade | Newmarket, ON

Description: Attention Reloaders: Large quantities of brass for sale. Extensive cleaning and preparation process. Final 90min tumble clean with stainless steel pins, soap and Lemi Shine. Cases will show "as new" or as close to it as possible. Packaged in any quantity desired up to available limits, extras always thrown in too. EMT payment only or exact cash at exchange site. Pickup can be arranged in the Newmarket/Aurora area in a public place. Shipping cost not included, but I’ll ship using cheapest standard method. Will trade for any of the following brass cases, in “as new” condition. In order of preference are: 10mm, .460Wby Mag, .44Mag, .38Spec, .41Mag, .357Mag. Currently for Sale : .9mm Brass Cases @ $55/1000 ; Fully Processed ; 8,800 available; 9mm Nickel Cases @ $65/1000 ; Fully Processed ; 2,000 available; .40S&W Brass Cases @ $60/1000 ; Fully Processed ; 5,200 available; 30-06 Brass Cases @ $40/54; Deprimed, Cleaned and Polished; 30-30 Brass Cases @ $40/56; Deprimed, Cleaned and Polished; 7.62x54R Brass Cases @ $30/65; Deprimed, Cleaned and Polished. NOTE: I also have about 200lbs (approx. 24,000 cases) of .9mm that has been washed once. Not processed or sorted, so might contain some .40S&W, but 99.9% of it is .9mm. I’ll sell this for $35/1000, and I’ll throw extras in on all orders. Photos on request.


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2020-01-15 | Sell | 4 Briley Invector DS Extended Chokes | $275 OBO | Toronto, ON

Description: I have for sale 4 very lightly used Briley Invector DS extended chokes which I purchased new last year for $400 including exchange and shipping through Lawry, a Canadian authorized Briley dealer. Constrictions are Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified and Modified. Reason for selling is the chokes were for my .725 but I have since sold it. From Briley’s website … Note on Invector DS Chokes: Browning factory chokes have a brass ring for a gas seal at the bottom of the choke, on Briley Replacements for Invector DS there is a ring machined directly in the steel of the choke’s body which performs the same sealing function. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | AR-15 Quad Rail and A2 Gas Block | $20 | Durham Region, ON

Description: NcStar 7” 2pc Quad Rail with 4 removable rails and screws. Barrel nut. Delta ring and spring washer. Hand guard cap. A2 front site base with integral Gas Block and the (2) pins to position block on the barrel. The roll pin to hold gas transfer tube is not included. The size is .078 X .250 according t AR15.com . Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | AR-15 Quad Rail and A2 Gas Block | $20 | Durham Region, ON

Description: NcStar 7” 2pc Quad Rail with 4 removable rails and screws. Barrel nut. Delta ring and spring washer. Hand guard cap. A2 Front Site base with integral Gas Block. Photos on request.

2019-12-31 | Sell | Restricted | LMT 10.5” Complete Upper Receiver | $950 | Hamilton, ON

Description: Complete upper receiver made by Lewis Machine & Tool Co. (LMT). LMT 10.5” 5.56×45 NATO Chrome Moly Vanadium 1:7″ RH twist cryogenically treated barrel. Incl. LMT semi-auto bolt carrier group. Incl. LMT charging handle. Incl. original LMT heat shield. Configured with Magpul MOE handguard with 5-slot Picatinny rail. Incl. A.R.M.S. #71L-F/R sight set (rear installed, front incl.) Used for sport shooting only (no MIL/LE usage). In very good condition. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | EOTech 512 Holographic Sight | $500 OBO | Thunder Bay, ON

Description: This EOTech 512 Holographic sight is N.I.B. $500 OBO. Shipping to be determined. Photos on request.

2020-01-15 | Sell | Leupold Vari-X III 3.5x10 Scope | $400 OBO | Thunder Bay, ON

Description: Leupold Vari-X III 3.5x10 scope Matte Tactical with Duplex reticle. Very good condition. $400 OBO. Shipping extra or as agreed upon. Photos available.


2020-01-15 | Sell | 1940 FIRST EDITION: “A History of the Colt Revolver” | $185 | Delhi, ON

Item Description : “A History of the Colt Revolver and Other Arms made by Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing from 1836 to 1940” FIRST EDITION printed in 1940. For the Colt single-action army aficionado. Contains numerous illustrations. Original book and dust cover from nearly 80 years ago. Weighs 5 pounds. You can actually feel the raised print in this book! Shipping is $36. Photos on request.

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