JUNE 24, 2020

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2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | CZ Tactical Sport Orange 9mm | $2,200 OBO | Clark’s Harbour, NS

Description: This pistol was bought new in November 2019. It comes with 4 mags, new set of LOK Grips orange and all original parts are still in package. MINT CONDITION. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | Walther PPQ M2 9mm | $625 | Duncan, BC

Description: Walther PPQ M2 9mm pistol for sale with original box, manual, 2 mags. Haven’t used it much, probably less than 200 rounds myself. But it’s comfortable with great ergonomics and is a GOOD LOOKING pistol. I like the pistol so much that I upgraded to the Q5 Match Steel Frame to shoot IPSC with (I never competed with this pistol, it was my first and I hadn’t gotten into pistol shooting much at first). $625 shipped to majors. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | Smith & Wesson Model 627-5 | $1,450 | Guelph, ON

Description: Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 627-5 DA/SA Revolver, .357 Magnum, 5" Bl, 44 oz. Matte Silver Stainless Steel, Wood & 2nd Synthetic Grip, 8-shot, Gold Bead Front and Adjustable Rear Sights. Accessories. Only been to the range twice. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | Ruger Mark III Target | $700 | Guelph, ON

Description: Ruger Mark III Target 5.5” Bl, Stainless .22LR, 42 oz., plastic grips, 10-round magazine, adjustable rear sight. Accessories. Only been to the range twice. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | Smith & Wesson Model 1918 | Open to Reasonable Offers | Bristol’s Hope, NL

Description: It’s a .455 Webley, with holster, from WW1. 7 in. bbl. serial number 59011. I have no idea of the value of this gun, so I am open to any reasonable offers within the market value. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | Ruger 22/45 | $390 | Nipissing, ON

Description: Selling Target Model 22/45 Ruger Mark III. GOOD to EXCELLENT condition. Comes with scope mount, 2 mags, lock, case and manual. Will work shipping out with buyer. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | Ruger Mark III Stainless 22LR | $560 | Windsor, ON

Description: I am the first owner. The handgun comes with all the accessories of padlock, rail, and one magazine. Shipping is included in the price from Canada Post with tracking. Require RPAL in good standing. I have experience transferring handgun ownership to new buyer. New buyer can purchase with confidence. Payment by electronic money transfer. This is my last handgun in my collection. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | SVI Infinity 2011 in .40 S&W | $3,750 | Regina, SK

Description: Selling an SVI Infinity 2011 in .40 S&W. Gently used and very well cared for so in VERY GOOD condition. Model prior to sight tracker with polymer grip and bull barrel (not island type). No mods. Extremely tight tolerances and beautifully balanced and smooth action like only SVI can do it. High-end quality you can feel and this one is at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement, even before the exchange rate tanked. Pics to serious buyers and payment by EMT. Low-ballers will not get a response. 

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | STI Edge – Test Fired Only | $2,300 | Regina, SK

Description: Selling an STI 2011 Edge in .40 S&W. LIKE NEW, test fired only to test functioning and it ran flawlessly - less than 50 rounds. Bought as a backup for IPSC Standard Division but never needed to use it. One light scratch on slide / dust cover from safe kiss, otherwise looks and feels brand new. Even the magwell looks brand new! All stock, no mods or after-market parts. Comes with mag, takedown tool and STI hard case. These are impossible to find in this condition as they have been discontinued and replaced with something that costs twice the price. This one came with a really nice trigger so I didn't have to have it worked on, which is a bonus. Pics to serious buyers. Payment by EMT only. Low-ballers will be ignored. 

2020-06-17 | Sell | Prohibited 12(6) | Smith & Wesson 66 | $625 + Shipping | Ottawa Valley, ON

Description: This Smith & Wesson 66 in .357 Magnum has a 4-inch barrel. It’s in MINT condition! Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Restricted | Ruger MK-IV | $575 | Orangeville, ON

Description: Bull barrel. EXCELLENT condition. 2 mags. Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Restricted | Colt Officer’s Model Target (Third Issue), .22LR | $950 OBO | Pembroke, ON

Description: Built in 1937 and in PRISTINE condition, this revolver will especially appeal to the Colt collector. It is equipped with white plastic grips that are appropriate to the era. Sights are adjustable but does not have the heavy barrel. Photos on request.

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2020-06-24 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Cooey Model 75 .22 Single Shot Rifle (Scoped) | $240 | Kitchener, ON

Description: Cooey Single Shot. Bolt action. Weaver 3x scope. EXCELLENT shape. 100% bluing. Wood finishing great, no dings. FOB Kitchener. Firm, no dickering. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Savage Model 93R17 .17 HMR with Scope | $375 | Duncan, BC

Description: Savage Model 93R17 in .17 HMR sporter rifle with BSA Sweet 17 scope. Synthetic stock. As is usual for a Savage and this calibre, quite the accurate little rifle. Comes with standard 5-round and an extra 10-round magazine. $375 shipped to majors. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Non-Restricted | French Fusil Mle. Firearms | $75-$100 | Whitby, ON

Description: French Fusil Mle. M.16, 8 mm Lebel (St. Etienne) 1917 manufacture, Greek government markings on stock, GOOD condition, 37.5” length with 17.5” barrel, still shoots with some ammo. $75. Also a French Fusil d’infanterie Mle. 1907/15, 8mm Lebel, 41.5” length with 21” barrel, in GOOD condition and still shoots. $75. Also a French Fusil MAS Mle. 1936 7.5x54mm French, includes spike bayonet, 5-round integral box, 4.15” length, 22.6” barrel. In GOOD condition and shoots well. With some ammo. $100. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Non-Restricted | 1894 Winchester .38-55 | Open to any Reasonable Offers | Bristol’s Hope, NL

Description: Win. Model 1894, serial number 415648, mfg/1907, 26 in octagon bbl, curved butt, gun is very tight, no screw damage, very little bluing, but steel is in good condition. Wood is good, no cracks, but shows normal wear in line with conditions under which it was used. Same can be said for the bore, which is in good condition. I am not sure what the gun is worth, so I am open to any reasonable offers. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Non-Restricted | 1894 Winchester. .30-30 | $650 OBO | Bristol’s Hope, NL

Description: Win. 1894, .30-30, serial number .2200713, 1956 mfg. EXCELLENT condition with good wood, good steel, no screw damage, factory-tight action $650 OBO. Photos on request.

2020-06-24 | TRADE | Non-Restricted | Weatherby Vanguard Modular .308 | Trade/Cash Negotiable | Shelburne, ON

Description: Weatherby Vanguard chambered in .308. MDT chassis and LUTH-AR stock. Adjustable cheek riser. Ten-round magazine. Bolt action. Non-restricted and still legal. Looking to trade specifically for a lever-action rifle though other rifles and cash may be considered. Reach out and make an offer. Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Browning Safari Heavy-Barrel, .22-250 | NOW $1,400 | Oshawa, ON

Description: Browning Safari Heavy-Barrel. SAKO Forester Action and FN 26” Two-Step Barrel. .22-250 Remington Calibre. Leupold Vari-X II 4x-12x AO and Leupold 4” Sunshade. Redfield Base and Rings. Butler Creek Scope Caps. RCBS Loading Dies, Trim Die and Neck Reamer Die Set. 200 Loaded Rounds and 700 Hornady 60 Grain Bullets. $1,600 NOW $1,400! Photos on Request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Non-Restricted | SAKO L-61 FINNBEAR, .338 Win. Magnum | NOW $1,300 | Oshawa, ON

Description: SAKO L-61 FINNBEAR. Calibre .338 Winchester Magnum. Leupold Vari-X III 3.5x – 10X Scope. Butler Creek scope caps. Original SAKO Dovetail Rings. 24” Barrel & Hooded Ramp Front Sight. SAKO 100/200 Yard, Dovetail Peep Sight in. Hidden Storage Under Removable Recoil Pad. 160 Rounds of Ammunition, loaded. With 250 Grain Nosler Partition Bullets. RCBS Loading Dies & Trim Die. Lee Factory Crimp Die. $1,500. NOW: $1,300! Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Restricted | M1 Carbine | $700 OBO | Guelph, ON

Description: This M1 Carbine (Plainfield) is in GOOD condition. Two mags, sling, two handguards. Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Non-Restricted | CFSC Instructional Firearms, PP Projector and Screen | $1,300 Total | Northeastern Ontario

Description: Cooey Bolt Action .22, H&R break action 12 gauge, J.C. Higgins (made by Winchester for Sears Roebuck) 12 gauge pump, Winchester Model 100 .308 semi-auto, Savage Model 99 lever .308 with detachable box mag. Firing pins removed from all, but available for the last three. Also includes Power Point projector with remote and stand-up screen. Photos on request.

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Note: It is the legal opinion of the CSSA that the Liberal government's Order in Council dated May 1, 2020, bans (in Canada) most modern 12-gauge and 10-gauge shotguns with removable chokes as they exceed the maximum bore diameter of 20 mm as defined in SOR/2020-96. To date, however, there have been no official changes made to the Firearms Reference Table (FRT).

2020-06-24 | Sell | Non-Restricted | Webley & Scott Model 700 SXS | $2,250 | Thornhill, ON

Description: Model 700. SXS Field Gun. Hammerless, Boxlock, Ejector. Barrels: 30 inch, professionally re-blacked. Choke: 1/4 and 1/2. Stock: straight, professionally refinished. Drop at comb: 1 1/2 inch. Drop at heel: 2 3/8 inch. Pitch: 2 1/4 inch down. Cast: 1/8 inch off (for right-handed shooter). Pull: 13 7/8 inches. Includes modern wood case in excellent condition. Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | WANTED | 12 and 20 Ga. Hunting Shotguns | Looking for Reasonable Prices | Durham Region, ON

Description: I am interested in 12, 20 and .410 gauge shotguns for hunter training; ANY action type. Must be reasonable price (NOT super-grade or collectible), as to be used for training NEW hunters for the Shooting Sport of Recreational Hunting! Will also take shotguns with, or separate "blown barrels" as DEMO TOOLS in the classroom. If you love the Recreational Shooting and Hunting Sports as I do, we MUST do everything possible to encourage new shooters and hunters into the outdoors! Your reasonably-priced (or donated) used firearm will go a long way in the training of new men and women, boys and girls, for the exciting outdoor sports we all love! If you would like to chat before deciding, please contact me. I can pick up or provide pre-paid shipping labels. I teach classes in the Greater GTA, and will do private classes upon request. Please let me know if you'd like to discuss a possible private class for your group.

2020-06-24 | Sell | Ammo for sale | $100 | Guelph, ON

Description: Remington UMC Ammo 22-250. 50 Grain Hollow Point. BRAND NEW. I have 4 boxes for $100. Guelph area. Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Hornady Sonic Cleaner | $800 | Brampton, ON

Description: Hornady Hot Tub Sonic Cleaner. BRAND NEW in box, never used. Huge 9-litre capacity that can clean multiple pistols or a complete 16" AR-15 upper receiver AND magazines plus up to 200 casing at the same time. Basket and shelves all included. One litre of Hornady Sonic cleaner is also included. These are hard to find. Pics Available.

2020-06-17 | Sell | RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure | $50 | Oshawa, ON

Description: It’s in GOOD condition. One metering drum and one nozzle. Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | Sell | RCBS Uniflow Base | $30 | Oshawa, ON

Description: Base for RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure is in GREAT condition.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Oehler 35P Chronograph Kit | $600 | Calgary, AB

Description: Complete Oehler 35P Chronograph Kit, essentially NIC (new in case). I bought this out of curiosity directly from Oehler Research a few years ago. Chronographed a couple of factory hunting loads, then packed it up and put it away in the workshop thinking I would use it more after retirement, which hasn't been the case. I haven't used it since I first purchased it. Buyer pays shipping if required. Photos on request.


Let us know at

2020-06-24 | Sell | Restricted | .40 S&W Mags | $45 | Regina, SK

Description: 1911 .40 Calibre Mags (Single Stack): 6 x Brownells Stainless Steel 8 Round Mags. Brand new in sealed packaging. $45 each.   6 x Tripp Research Cobra (5 x 10 rounders and 1 x 8 rounder). Very lightly used and could pass as new. $45 each. Plus actual shipping to you or I will pay for shipping if you buy 6 or more mags. Photos on request.

2020-06-17 | WANTED | Chokes for H&R Pardner Pump, 12 & 20 Ga. | Durham Region, ON

Description: I want a Full Set of Chokes and a Turkey Choke for the New England H&R Pardner Pump Action Shotgun, in 12 Ga. and 20 Ga. I prefer a full set, but will buy individuals. Will take regular chokes and steel chokes, though migratory bird hunting is not a priority; trap and turkey hunting is primary use. I will even consider a firearm and chokes if reasonable.

2020-06-17 | Sell | Sightron SIII Scope 25138, 10-50x60mm | $1,250 | Oshawa, ON

Description: All SIII Series riflescopes provide the resolution and windage and elevation latitude required for Long Range F-Class, Benchrest and Tactical matches and is designed for ease of use in prone and bench shooting. Has a MOA-2 Reticle - Model 25138. Photos on request. For background and technical information go to:

2020-06-17 | Sell | Schmidt & Bender Model PMII / LP Scope, 5-25x56mm | $3,550 | Oshawa, ON

Description: Schmidt & Bender PMII / LP 5-25x56 P4LF 1CM CW DT/ST (MINT). The 5-25x56 PM II/LP model is the scope for universal use with big magnification and an extremely comprehensive total adjustment range. It is equipped with parallax compensation, illuminated reticle and two turns in the elevation adjustment (Double Turn). The 5-25x56 PM II/LP is the most popular specification of the 5-25x56 PM II. It is largely in use in military/police units around the globe. Also among competition shooters, this scope is standard due to its universal use with big magnification and an extremely comprehensive total adjustment range. The Double Turn elevation turret is one of our most popular and sought-after turret designs. It provides a visible rotational indicator and has two rotational settings. The indicator changes colour during the transition to the second rotation from black to yellow, which corresponds to the yellow font on the turret. It is ideally capable of providing the adjustment travel needed for long-range shots. The precise parallax compensation with an engraved meter index is going as close as 10 m/11 yd until up to infinity. The 5-25x56 PM II/LP has a large reticle choice in first or in the second focal plane. In a 5-25x56 PM II/LP riflescope, none other can truly compare! Photos on request. Technical Specs:

Toll Free: 1.888.873.4339   | Fax: 905.720.3497   |  info@cssa-cila.org