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FALL 2016

Focus on Genetics 
Everyone has a possibility of developing cancer in their lifetime.
Most cancers happen by chance. About five to ten percent of
cancers are due to an inherited predisposition.

Our Genetics clinics in Central East Region evaluate individuals
who have a strong personal and/or family history of cancer.
We can help you understand your risk for cancer based on your
medical and family history; the medical facts about a hereditary
cancer; whether genetic testing may be beneficial for you
or your relatives; and your options for managing your risk of
developing cancer.

The Genetics team also provides assessment for eligibility for
the High-Risk Ontario Breast Screening Program.
If you live in Central East Region, you may be referred to the
Genetics program at Lakeridge Health in Oshawa, Rouge
Valley Health Centenary in Scarborough or at Peterborough
Regional Health Centre.
Should you be tested?
A genetics assessment may be suggested for you  if you have:
  • multiple cases of cancer in your family, especially of the same type of cancer
  • cancers occurring at an unusually young age (e.g. colon cancer before 50, breast cancer before age 35) 
  • a rare cancer in your family (e.g. breast cancer in a male)
  •  more than one cancer diagnosis (e.g. a woman with breast and ovarian cancer)
  • a family history of a known hereditary cancer syndrome (e.g. Hereditary breast/ovarian cancer)
To learn more, visit  and click on "Hereditary Cancer Genetics".  
Do you have a family history of breast cancer?
The Ontario Breast Screening Program
offers high risk screening by mammogram
and MRI.

You may be eligible if you are 30 - 69 years  old and have a personal or family history of:
  • Two or more cases of breast/ovarian cancers
  • Breast cancer at less than 35 years of age
  • Breast/ovarian cancer in Ashkenazi Jewish families
  • Male breast cancer
  • Bilateral breast cancer
  • A mutation in a breast cancer-associated gene
Ask your health care provider about a referral to a local genetics clinic
for evaluation.
Did you know...
Lakeridge Health in Central East Region has been chosen as one of three sites for a new High Risk Lung Cancer Screening Pilot in Ontario.

You can learn more about this and a new Thoracic Surgery Collaboration for the community of Scarborough in the Winter 2017 edition of Team Cancer. Keep watching!
Your Care  
Maria's Mission Sheds Light on the Importance of Being Testing For Hereditary Cancers.
Your Way
More families are finding out about their genetic risk for colon cancer due to new testing norms in Ontario.
Your Experts

Meet Dr. Soghra Jougheh Doust, our Genetics Lead



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