Nov. 17, 2017
'Making Incredible Things Happen for Our Students'
Dear Team DPS,
Supt. Tom Boasberg
I have spent time with our students at dozens of schools this year and heard our kids share so many things for which they're grateful: a warm house, food, family and the opportunity to go to school. It made me think about the many things for which I'm grateful. At the top of my list is Team DPS.

Every day, each and every one of you is helping deliver on our promise to prepare our students for a bright future. The proof is everywhere. Our students have shown strong gains in reading. More of our students are crossing the graduation stage. And as a result of our success, more families are choosing DPS. Your work means so much to our students, our communities and to me.

November marks the beginning of a season of giving. In gratitude to all of you for the work that you do, each year I support the DPS Foundation's annual I Give for Team DPS employee giving campaign. I know that when I give to the DPS Foundation, my contribution is leveraged with support from other donors and foundations to create even more opportunities for our students. For these reasons, I hope you'll join me and make a gift to Team DPS. As in past years, I will match your donations.
Seeing our dollars at work. The DPS Foundation plays an important role in helping us to achieve our goals of the Denver Plan 2020. Whole child, early literacy, and college and career readiness are a few ways the DPS Foundation supports our work. And we see that support reflected in our students' lives.
Jaliyah, a fifth-grade student at Harrington Elementary
At Harrington Elementary, fifth-grade student Jaliyah loves attending Lights On Afterschool (LOAS), a program funded with a grant from Wells Fargo, because she enjoys the many fun activities offered. It also gives her a caring place to be after the bell rings. Jaliyah said her parents like her to attend so that she "isn't bored and just sitting around the house after school." When asked what she has learned from the past few years of attending LOAS, she said she has learned to be kind, how to work hard when she has trouble with an assignment and how to make more friends. The LOAS program supports students like Jaliyah emotionally and academically so that they can achieve continued success in the classroom. "We're fortunate to have this program," said  Harrington afterschool program coordinator Linda Abeyta. 
Jaliyah's story is just one example of the DPS Foundation's support of our students and the work you're doing. I can look to the expansion of the Center for Family Opportunity at McGlone Academy, A to Z Fund grants to classrooms and middle school athletics as other examples.
Each day, you're making incredible things happen for our students. Collectively, as Team DPS, we are supporting our more than 92,000 students and more than 200 schools. With the I Give for Team DPS campaign, we can do even more, and leverage both financial and volunteer resources. Will you join me in participating?
With gratitude and best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving,
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