Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
Top 5: Sweet and Silly Student Valentines 

Tuesday was Valentine's Day, and there was no shortage of love among Team DPS and our kids. Enjoy this week's Top 5 featuring cute (and funny) valentines and celebrations held around DPS. And congratulations to our giveaway winner Sarah Laughlin of Cory Elementary!


1. "There is a beautiful tree in our hallway full of valentines that primary students created at Cory Elementary. The tree focuses around the school/student Personal Success Factors, and this is the month of kindness so students kindly wrote a valentine for what they love the very most, which included family, parents, teachers, pets and, in the case of one little student, it's simply the color purple! There is always something to be thankful for!" -- Sara Laughlin, Cory Elementary


2. "One year for Valentine's Day, one of my students gave me a second-hand romantic card originally from the student's dad for his mom. At the bottom of the card, my student had crossed out 'wife' and wrote my name instead." -- Sarah Tilton, Literacy Partner


3. "This was Denver Online High School's third year making and giving out valentines to the residents at the local retirement home, The Gardens at St. Elizabeth. One of the best moments is when an older gentleman said, 'I proposed to my wife on Valentine's Day and she's passed now ... so this is really special to me,' while holding up the Valentine just given to him from a student." -- Kaci Sintek, Denver Online High School


4. "This was from a third-grade boy to a sixth-grade girl. Valentine's Day really brings out the charm in kid ..." (See center photo above: "You're hotter than the sun.") -- Kelly Rosenbaum, Denison Montessori


5. "Stedman Elementary hosted a yoga assembly -- it was 'Love Yourself' on Valentine's Day led by Mr. Tommy Williams. Our kids had a great time trying something new!" -- Ali Larson, parent at Stedman Elementary

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Students at College View Elementary showcase the Personal Success Factor of Gratitude.
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Living Our DPS Honoree:
Ananas Khogali-Mustafa
Student Voice and Leadership Coordinator, Student Engagement PSR
Students First

"Ananas is not only a tremendous staff member for DPS who puts Student First, but she is also a trained street medic for social justice organizing and advocacy events. On Inauguration Day, Ananas was on a personal day and serving as a street medic for the various demonstrations downtown at the capitol. That day, about 125 East High School students walked out of school and marched to the capitol. I texted Ananas to keep an eye out for the students and she did that and more. Two students from East had physical breakdowns at the capitol and required medical attention that resulted in the need to transport the students to the hospital. Ananas and I were in constant contact and she traveled with the students to the hospital to ensure a DPS presence would be with our kids until families arrived. She called family members to assure them their children were OK and in good hands while calming our two students in their time of anxiety and need. She put DPS Students First that day, and she does it every day as she works to support our student leaders as social justice advocates for positive school, community and national cultures."

  -- John Albright, Postsecondary Readiness

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