Cheryl Nitz, Hamida El Mohammadi and Jordan Johnson from Columbine Elementary reflected on wins from the past year and congratulated a student, who will be transitioning to middle school,
"Adama is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic students. Thank you, Adama, for sharing your positive energy with DPS for the past six years; your future looks bright!"
May 21, 2020
Top 5: Big Wins for Team DPS
Team DPS for the win! We asked about successes from this school year and we loved your goal-crushing, heart-rejoicing accomplishments. Huge thanks to all team members who shared memories. Check out our Top 5 below, and read all of the stories here .
5. "I want to call out my second-grade team; Kristen Messer, Anna Beck, and Rachel Girabaldi. We have worked so well together to make sure our lessons are transdisciplinary, rigorous and fun; putting our Students First. Our students love seeing "guest teacher" lessons from one another. We also support each other with our social/emotional wellbeing. Through Google Meet calls, Marco Polo messages and Bitmoji texts, we keep laughing!" --  Julie Weathers, Brown International

4. "I've been wanting to put together a website for my students and families. A site that would include resources, connections to our in-class work, and a place to share photos and student work. I finally made the time and although it's still a work in progress, I've been able to share my lessons with students and can provide summer enrichment opportunities as well." -- Michelle Morton, Centennial

3. "Remote learning and teletherapy has given me an opportunity to get to know the families of the students I work with as an occupational therapist. It has allowed me to empower parents through teaching strategies to help their children." -- Kristin Cowgill, Occupational Therapist

2. "This year, I implemented a tabletop RPG (role-playing game) with my fifth-graders to help them learn more about music. They created characters, battled monsters, solved puzzles and more all using their musical knowledge. I was glad to be able to reach my students in a way that I never had been able to before!" -- Cassie Dean, William Roberts
1. "Thanks to Denver Parks & Rec, my third-graders and I got to go snowshoeing at Echo Lake for free! This was a new experience for me and every student in my class! It was the most amazing 'out-of-the classroom' learning day of the year!" -- Arielle Walker, Munroe Elementary
Top 5 Callout: Favorite Photos and Memories

Oh, what a year it has been! As the end of this memorable school year approaches, think back on your favorite experiences. From fall and winter fun at school, to adventures in remote learning -- take a stroll down memory lane and send us some of your favorite photos and memories from 2019-20.
ICYMI: Let Google Help Wrap Up the School Year
As you close out this school year, let Google help! Use this time to do some 'digital spring cleaning' by going through your files and documents (on your computer desktop, in network folders and Google Drive locations). Old files should be deleted. Relevant files should be  moved to and organized in Google Drive  with appropriate  sharing settings ,  keeping in mind vital  student data privacy  considerations. As you do this, check in with your school leader, manager and/or  G oogle Champion(s)  on how your team organizes work in Drive. Do this now and you’ll be a step ahead at the start of next year! For more information and additional resources about DPS Google transition, visit  The Commons .
Celebrate Your Teammates: Nominations for Night of Honor Awards Now Open
It’s never been more important to recognize those who've gone above and beyond during the 2019-20 school year. Do you know someone on Team DPS who embodies the Shared Core Values every day? How about a successful and effective team? Recognize these Team DPS members by nominating them for a Night of Honor award:

  • Leadership Lamp Award: Our most distinguished award honoring our Shared Core Values champions (four awards total).

  • Living Our DPS: Honoring the actions of individuals living one of our Shared Core Values (up to 50 awards total).
Also, we are excited to celebrate last year's honorees in fun, surprising, and “socially distanced” ways in   the next few weeks. For questions, please email .
Self-Care Optimism Strategies
The Culture, Equity and Leadership Team (CELT) is offering a variety of strategies aimed at supporting team members in staying healthy and strong, both physically and emotionally. Check out this week's videos: 

  • Manage thoughts: Quieting our mind and turning toward hope and optimism can help focus on things within our control. Learn how to manage thoughts and practice self-care.

  • Express gratitude: Expressing gratitude gives an appreciative view of life. Learn how creating a gratitude list can help perpetuate positivity.
Final Reminder: Sign Up for Virtual Equity Boot Camp
Our upcoming Equity Boot Camp, "Neurodiversity and Exceptional Students: Changing the Narrative in Our Classrooms," focuses on gaining insight into our neuro-diverse and exceptional students. Join us from 1-3:15 p.m. tomorrow, May 22  and learn from our speakers:

  • Part 1: "Understand Today’s Gifted Children: Confronting and Dismantling Stereotypes and Racism in Gifted Education" -- Presented by Robin Greene, Director of Student Equity and Opportunity: Gifted Students and Nursing.

  • Part 2: "The Gifts that Exceptional Students Bring to the Classroom: Flipping the Script on How We Think about Students with a Disability"-- Presented by Robert Frantum-Allen, Director of Special Education.

Equity Boot Camps are an opportunity to build skills with colleagues, while infusing equity and inclusion through culturally-responsive practices throughout DPS. Register  here . If you have questions or need assistance, please email Melissa Muniz .
Living Our DPS Honorees
Team DPS is rising to the challenge and living our Shared Core Values like never before. Congratulations and thank you to this week’s honorees! 
Tiffany Almon
Principal, John F. Kennedy
Students First
Jose Martinez
Principal, Place Bridge
Students First
"Although I haven't worked with Tiffany for long, I have found her dependable, efficient and unfailingly dedicated to our students. I have never worked with a person who gives as much attention to detail as she does. Her willingness to take on difficult projects or situations and see them to successful completion has repeatedly impressed not only me, but the entire staff and faculty. Tiffany’s skills do not end with her school work. She projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our students. I have seen her resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and tact. In the community she goes out of her way to help people by organizing a "Go Fund Me" for families in need, or personally delivering technology to students. She loves people, works hard and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. I believe these characteristics represent all that is good in our district.”
-- Ryan Aichele, John F. Kennedy
"Mr. Martinez personally brought a Chromebook to my son! Who does that during this coronavirus quarantine?!
He's absolutely about his kids and Students First. Thank you, Mr. Martinez! We appreciate you so much. I'm so proud you are our principal, and we are blessed to have you as our school leader."
-- Brenda Richardson, Special Education
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