Maggie Flynn
Teacher, McAuliffe International School

"Maggie goes above and beyond to work toward understanding her own privilege as a white woman and to do everything she can to help students of color in her classes feel like they have a place, have agency, have a voice and have power. 

I recently overheard a one-on-one conversation she had with a student prior to the unit on 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' Maggie was intentional in speaking individually to students of color prior to beginning the book. She recognized in a class of 33 students, most of whom are white, students of color might feel marginalized or even traumatized by the readings and conversations had in class. She made sure the student was prepared and that the student had some power in her decisions on how she would participate and how she would be supported by her teacher."

-- K atherine Howes , McAuliffe International School