Eric Punkay
Analyst, DPS Sustainability
Students First and Collaboration

“Eric Punkay has demonstrated all of the DPS Shared Core Values. I will focus on two values specifically. The first is Students First. I reached out to Eric for some advice on sustainability because two of our senior students wanted me to be a guest speaker for a presentation they were doing. Eric gave me some points to aid in my presentation and then volunteered to come speak. This transpired in the span of 30 minutes. He Collaborated with me to deliver an excellent presentation. Eric lent his expertise to a cause that our students are passionate about. He made an impact on the students in the room, which will, in turn, impacted our other students, their environment and their futures. If that is not living the Shared Core Values, I don't know what is. Thank you very much, Eric.”
-- Cedric Baca , Facilities and Operations at DSST Byers