Jyleo Buckmon
Paraprofessional, Lowry Elementary
Students First

"Mr. Jyleo is our behavior support paraprofessional at Lowry, and to say that we would be lost without him is an understatement. Jyleo spends his days supporting teachers with behaviors in the classroom, checking in on all students to prevent difficult behaviors, and building incredible relationships with our students. Every student knows Mr. Jyleo and he knows just about every one of them, regardless of whether he's ever had to respond to a call about them. Jyleo works with students and teachers to create behavior plans and come up with meaningful incentives. He sits with students in their classes to help them regulate their emotions so they can get work done, and he always responds to teachers' requests for support right away. On top of all that he does within our school, Jyleo also spends time outside of school working with our students and acting as a mentor and a positive male influence in their lives. Jyleo truly puts Students First each and every day at Lowry to help each student feel successful."
-- All Lowry Staff