Monique Bankston-Jamison
Family Liaison, Child Find
Students First, Equity

"Monique is often the first person from DPS who families meet and is always putting Students First. Children under 3 who have been receiving SPED services in the home come to Monique and her team for information about whether their child should be evaluated for SPED services in a DPS preschool. The families are anxious and unsure, but Monique immediately puts the families at ease. She explains the process, and goes above and beyond to prepare and have the information available about possible school placement.

Monique also lives our Shared Core Value of Equity. She sees between 20-25 families per week and is sensitive to each family's needs, and welcomes them all to DPS. She assures all families that their child will be safe and their child's needs met. One meeting in particular included foster parents, biological parents, therapists, service coordinators and interpreters. When everyone left the meeting they were all satisfied that the child would be safe in DPS, and thanked Monique profusely on their way out. The Child Find team is so lucky to have Monique on the team."

-- Karen O'Keeffe, Child Find