Lena Archuleta Elementary Principal Yolanda Ortega and a student work together.
Dec. 13, 2018
Help Keep DPS Emails Secure by Reporting Phishing Attempts
The Department of Technology Services (DoTS) is committed to keeping our emails secure from phishing, viruses, Malware and SPAM -- and all DPS team members can help! Phishing is a malicious attempt by cyber criminals to gather sensitive information over email, such as usernames, passwords or credit card details. These emails are often disguised as coming from a trustworthy source.
As you may know, DoTS has been sending simulated phishing messages to all employees' dpsk12.org email addresses. That means DoTS is sending emails that mimic phishing attempts for the purpose of educating users in proper email recognition. Use these simulations to help recognize the difference between legitimate messages and malicious emails.
If you receive a suspicious email, follow these instructions:

  • If you are using Outlook on a PC, select the Report Phish button to report the email.
  • If you are using a Mac or Webmail, forward the message to phishalarms@dpsk12.org.
There is no need to report the message to DoTS Help. Our Information Security team will review the message to determine whether it is a threat.
For additional information, please read this letter from DoTS and visit this resource page on The Commons. Thank you for your help in keeping our emails safe.
Top 5: How Do You Support Your Well-Being During the Holidays?
Thank you to all Team DPS members who shared their wellness tips and tricks during the holidays. Check out our Top 5 and read all of the well-being responses that were submitted here .

Congratulations to our giveaway winner, Makenna Moreland at Cory Elementary !
5. " During the holiday season it's easy to become overwhelmed by all the crowds and events. I start every weekend with a walk. My daughters and I walk to the playground and dog park while we chat about life. Dad usually has coffee and cocoa waiting when we get back home. Slow starts = happy weekend-ing." -- Janet Damon, Educational Technology and Library Services

4. " I support my well-being by practicing yoga every day among a community of people who value the same things I do. Taking care of yourself during the holidays is just as important as taking care of others. Taking collective breaths as a community is so nourishing and necessary for the heart, mind and body." -- Emma Hartmann, Traylor Academy

3. " During the holidays, I like to reconnect with my friends who live all along the front range (Evergreen, Golden, Arvada, Castle Rock, Aurora, etc.) by hosting a snowshoe/cross country ski trek on my neighborhood golf course followed by coffee, tea or hot chocolate at my house." -- Cheryl Nitz, Columbine Elementary

2. " One of our teachers is offering yoga to the staff on Monday afternoons to help us all stay healthy this winter! I have started a health challenge for the next 15 days to stay on track with getting to the gym and eating well." -- Whitney Andreasen, Traylor Academy

1. "This past month I've started creating a to-do list for my well-being that sits alongside my classroom to-do list. The list includes things like: drink water, have dinner with a friend and take a fitness class two to three times this week. Just like my classroom to-do list, this list helps me prioritize my day." -- Makenna Moreland, Cory Elementary
Top 5 Callout: Ugly Sweaters
'Tis the season to break out those ugly holiday sweaters that get shoved to the bottom of the closet throughout the year. Send us a pic of you rocking your ugly sweater and you'll be entered to win a giveaway!
ICYMI: Hear from Superintendent Finalist Susana Cordova
There will be one more phase of community engagement for students, families, educators and community members to have the opportunity to hear from Susana Cordova -- finalist for the position of superintendent -- about her vision and priorities. Your feedback will be collected. This will be an important component of the board’s decision-making process and will inform their final decision on Dec. 17. 

  • From 4:15-7:15 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 13, at C.E.C. Early College, Team DPS is invited to meet with the superintendent candidate.
  • 4:15-5:30 p.m.: Team DPS non-instructional staff.
  • 5:40-7:15 p.m.: Teachers, specialized service providers and paraprofessionals.

For more information, visit supersearch.dpsk12.org.
Make it a New Year's Resolution to Attend Values-Based Programs
Sign up for Creating Connections or an Aspire session before you leave for winter break! Program attendees will have the opportunity to start 2019 off on the right foot by building skills and connecting with other team members across DPS in these values-based leadership opportunities.

  • Register for Creating Connections on Jan. 23.
  • Register for Aspire on Jan. 15–16.
Perks at Work: Pet Insurance
DPS team members and their furry friends have access to a MetLife pet insurance policy, which covers health conditions and accidents for all kinds of pets. Visit any licensed veterinarian, even when you’re away from home. To learn more, visit the MetLife Pet Insurance overview here .

For more information on rates and to apply for coverage, call the MetLife Benefits line at 800-438-6388.
Living Our DPS Honoree
Allison Hicks
Teacher, Colfax Elementary
“Allie Hicks consistently brings our Shared Core Value of Fun and positivity to Colfax each and every day. As a member of the Culture Committee, Allie has been instrumental in caring for the whole adult and our staff well-being. Each week, Allie bakes cookies and shares personalized words of affirmation cards and emails with all of us. She organizes and facilitates staff culture builders, walks and happy hours. To celebrate Inktober, Allie created beautiful personalized pen and ink pictures for staff members. Just this week, Allie created a Spotify playlist of team members' pump-up songs and shared it out -- so we could all be pumped up for the week ahead. 

Allie spreads the FUN and love, and Colfax would not be the same without her. We love you, Al Pal!” -- Jennifer Norris, Colfax Elementary
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