DPS Team Members at Garden Place Academy.
Oct. 17, 2019
Top 5: Recognizing Our Classified Employees
Last week was Classified Employee Recognition Week, our opportunity to thank these team members for all they do in supporting our families and students. Your stories of dedicated paraprofessionals, facilities managers, food service workers and other team members are proof that classified employees keep DPS running every day. A few shout outs are featured below and read all of them here
5."I am incredibly thankful for Betsy Sedig, our paraprofessional/reading assistant in first grade here at Cory Elementary School. Betsy has been working with first-graders at Cory for over 20 years, and she helps us to provide quality instruction every day. Thank you so much, Betsy, for everything you do!” -- Brendan Doyle, Cory Elementary

4.“I want to call out the Facilities staff at Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences. Blanca Hernandez and her great team are always professional and keep our school looking shiny and bright! Blanca also supervises our adjoining campus at Steck, so she does what seems like two full time jobs. The Hill facilities team helps out anytime they are asked and always in a timely way -- especially when in an emergency and someone is locked out of their office after school hours!” -- Valerie Tomasi, Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences

3.“Our amazing team of screening technicians go out and complete vision, hearing and dental screenings to ensure student needs are met so they can access their education. These amazing individuals screen about 55,000 students each year and help our school nurses to connect students and families to resources so students can overcome barriers. They are truly amazing individuals and embody the core values of Students First and Equity.” -- Kathrine Hale, Nursing and Student Health Services

2. “I'm thankful for Brenda Richardson , Office Support III with Student Equity and Opportunity. Dedication and passion are what come to mind when I think of Brenda's work style. Whether I'm passing by her desk or collaborating to problem solve, her focus and deep-dive for understanding to support the work of students and internal partners is that of pure excellence. There are not enough words to illustrate just how influential, humble, and kind she is.” -- Lea Porter, Operations Support Services

1.“Calling out Nichole Garrard of the West Campus Library. She has relentlessly sought out resources and materials to upgrade our library collection, specifically focusing on our Spanish texts. Through her hard work and persistence, we have expanded and upgraded our collection of Spanish materials and increased the overall library circulation by double. Thank you for igniting and fueling our student's passion for reading.” -- a shout out for Nichole Garrard, West Campus Library
Top 5 Callout: Best High School Experience
In honor of Career and College Success Month, we want to know what was your best high school experience that started your path toward your career and college success? Was it a class, teacher, extra curricular activity? Share here and you'll be entered to win a giveaway. Also, remember to wear your favorite college gear this Friday! 
Benefit Credit May Look Different on Oct. 22 Paycheck 
Your Benefit Credit that DPS provides may look different on your Oct. 22 pay check; however, there have not been any changes made to the amount. PERA has recently made some changes to the way it calculates your contributions. Because of this, we have changed the way your benefit credits look on your paystubs. You will still receive the same amount of benefit credits. However, it is important to understand the differences in how they will look on your paystub. Please visit the PERA Driven Paystub Changes FAQ page on The Commons to see what’s new and how it might affect you. If you have more questions, please contact PERA directly at 303-832-9550 or 800-759-7372 from 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday, and 7-4:30 p.m. Friday.
Attend 'The Home Buying Journey for Educators'
No matter where you are in your home buying journey – from focusing on your savings and credit goals to actively looking at homes – come meet Landed and other housing
resources for educators 5-7 p.m. tonight at Cheltenham Elementary, 1580 Julian St. For more details and to RSVP, click here.

Landed is an organization designed to support DPS team members in buying a home in the community they serve. As of May 2019, Landed has held over 500 conversations with DPS educators, and 20 DPS educators have purchased a home with Landed. Learn more here.
Sign up for the Power of Pregnancy Workshop on Nov. 2
What if you could learn techniques to get through your pregnancy with vitality, thereby boosting your stamina and ability to handle stress? The prenatal fitness workshop, Power of Pregnancy, will teach you various exercises and mindfulness skills that will alleviate discomfort, increase your energy and prepare your body for labor and birth. This holistic approach will help you maintain balance in your work and personal life to create a healthier mom and baby. The Power of Pregnancy workshop will be taught by Gina Fontaine, certified personal trainer and leader of prenatal fitness classes for 12 years. Join Gina 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 2. There is a limit of 15 DPS employees and the class is $30 to participate. Register here
2020-21 SchoolChoice Window is Jan. 15-Feb. 18
In our effort to improve the enrollment process for our schools and families, the SchoolChoice window for the 2020-21 school year will be Jan. 15 to Feb. 18. We added three additional days – coinciding with the three-day Presidents Day weekend – to give families more time to fill out and submit their application.

This window will allow families to receive their school placements prior to spring break, as well as give schools time to plan for their incoming students. Questions? Visit schoolchoice.dpsk12.org, email schoolchoice@dpsk12.org or call 720-423-3493.  
SchoolMessenger Emergency Messages for DPS Staff Coming in 2020
Last week, we shared that DPS will begin using SchoolMessenger in November to send emergency messages to parent and guardian contacts, as well as high school students who have signed up to receive them. We have received questions about how DPS employees will be informed of emergencies. We recognize how important it is for our employees to receive emergency messages in a timely manner, especially during lockdowns and lockouts. While it's not part of our current protocol, it's something we hope to implement soon, and we hope to have this in place during the next phase of the SchoolMessenger implementation in early 2020. If you have questions in the meantime, please email Communications@dpsk12.org.
Living Our DPS Honoree
Alicia Vasquez
ECE Paraprofessional, Stedman Elementary
Students First

“I would like to nominate Alicia for her hard work, dedication and her innovative teaching philosophy and creative learning. Alicia has gone the extra mile and continues to exhibit all DPS Shared Core Values on a daily basis. She continues to put Students First by expanding students' love for learning by engaging them in the outdoors and nature with her outside classrooms.

Alicia displays Integrity by creating a trustworthy bond with her students and parents, being sensitive to their unique needs. She displays Equity by always including the whole school community and involving the neighborhood community in her education of the garden and chicken coop. Alicia shows Collaboration by always being a team player, partnering with many organizations, community leaders and volunteers to serve the students and school community. Accountability, Alicia is reliable and responsible, and she is accountable for all her projects, meeting deadlines in a timely manner, maintaining the outdoor classrooms and communicating its functions. For Fun, Alicia fosters a love for learning that is innovative and nothing short of fun! Alicia is quick to take initiative and continues to strengthen her community's love for the outdoors and creative learning.”

-- Dani-Marie Meredith, Stedman Elementary
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