Team members submitted their favorite photos from their summer vacations.
Top 5: Summer Vacation Photos
From Guatemala to Jamaica, from Italy to right here at home, our team members rocked this summer vacation -- and they sent the photos to prove it! Congratulations to our giveaway winner: 1. Max Geimer at Merrill Middle School, whose band Decollage played at Red Rocks Amphitheater, performing a narrative that involved "a war between aliens and mummies mashed up with a Romeo and Juliet romance." (In the photo, Max is Anubis, God of the Dead, resurrecting mummies -- you rock, Max!) The rest of our Top 5 photos come from:

2. Autumn Jones from  Greenwood Academy , who spent the summer volunteering in Guatemala at a school for children who live in extreme poverty.
3. Dwayne Brown from  Denver Green School , who visited kids back home in Bowden Hill in Kingston, Jamaica.
4. Rosa Melendez-Nguyen in  Student Equity and Opportunity , who spent the summer visiting water parks with her two nieces, who are students at Trevista.
5. Lara Wiant  from Dora Moore , who visited Italy with her husband, DPS teacher Steve Wiant.
Top 5 Callout: Back-to-School Kids' Quotes
Kids say the darndest things -- and sometimes, they don't even know it! What quirky quips or outstanding one-liners have you heard this year? Send your favorite back-to-school kids' quotes to for a chance to win a giveaway prize!
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2017-18 District Map and Handbook for Families and Students are Now Available
The 2017-18 District Map and 2017-18 Handbook for Families and Students are now available. Use the District Map to find addresses and school locations across DPS. The map is now available to download, print or view online:
The Handbook for Families and Students provides families with a directory of resources, programs, services and policies. Printed copies were delivered to each school. The handbook is also available to download, print or view online:
Use a New Online Form to Report Safety Incidents
The Department of Safety is introducing a new online form for you to report lost or stolen items, district or personal property damage, or vandalism. It will streamline how the Department of Safety responds to incidents, so please use the form to report cases. Before filling out the form, please call 720-423-3911 to request a case report number. Case report numbers are required to complete the online form. You can also request that the dispatcher send an officer. Access the form  here  or at  (in Quick Links on the right side of the page). Please share this with your teams. If you have questions, email or call 720-423-3911. 
Smoke and Air Quality Safety Tips to Consider this Fire Season
During fire season, it's good to review public health recommendations for areas affected by smoke from fires. Consider these tips when making decisions about outdoor recess, and carefully consider these recommendations for students and team members with asthma, respiratory illnesses or heart disease.
  • If visibility in your neighborhood is less than five miles, smoke has reached unhealthy levels and you should remain indoors, particularly if you have heart disease or a respiratory illness. Heavy smoke can also be dangerous to older adults and young children.
  • Limit outdoor activity and reduce prolonged or heavy exertion when moderate to heavy smoke is present. People with heart or lung disease, older adults and children should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion in these conditions.
If you have a question about a particular student, contact your school nurse or the Nursing and Student Health office at 720-423-1416.
Discount Alert: Tickets to Elitch Gardens Nearly 50% Off
Enjoy the last months of Elitch Gardens' 2017 season with $25.99 tickets for all days in September and October. As a bonus, a portion of every ticket sold benefits the DPS Foundation. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here
Living Our DPS Honoree

Joni Rix
Environmental Specialist, Environmental Services 

"Joni Rix of Environmental Services is living our Shared Core Value of Collaboration to ensure our students and employees are healthy and safe. Over the last several years, she has gone above and beyond her regular duties to partner with Nursing Services and the Healthy Schools team in the area of indoor air quality.  

Joni led a team to perform indoor air quality walk-throughs in five of our schools, using the Environmental Protection Agency's Tools for Schools framework. The result of this high-functioning collaboration has been supplemental resources for the Facility Managers and the provision of 'No Idling' signs for 20 of our schools with asthma programs. She has done this work on top of a rigorous schedule of testing water for lead in all our DPS schools. Joni is a dedicated professional who serves our students and staff with diligence and integrity."

-- Christy Haas-Howard, Nursing and Student Health Services

Nominate one of your colleagues who you see living one or more of our Shared Core Values to be featured as a Living Our DPS honoree.
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