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A student at University Park Elementary learns with a tablet -- one great way to cut down on paper use!
Oct. 25, 2018
Top 5: How Team DPS Saves Paper
Get inspired by these creative paper-saving ideas from team members across the district and read the entire list here .

Congratulations to everyone who sent their ideas! The PaperSavers group is awarding a gift basket and free training to every team member who shared their tips!
5. "The first-grade teacher at our school, Ms. Heidi, started a mis-made/unused copy collection in our copy room to put papers that have only been used on one side. She uses that collection of paper to make copies of announcements, homework, or other copy needs and copies a big 'do not use' symbol on the other side so kids and parents know which side of the paper to read. It gives a second life to paper that would otherwise end up in the recycling bin, and makes sure the resource is totally used up before moving on." -- Jennifer Holtzmann, Lincoln Elementary

4. "During registrations and conferences, instead of printing all the documents with information for the families, I started using QR codes. I made a flyer with eight different QR Codes for the school calendar, parent-student handbook, parent portal, etc. All of this adds up to saving over 20 sheets of paper per family!" -- Graciela Guevara, North High School

3. "We like to use Google Classrooms! Very easy and user-friendly. The kids love it!" -- Rosie Christian, Goldrick Elementary

2. "Some of my students are not able to type or use a Chromebook for all of their work. Students do their work on large whiteboards with markers and manipulatives. They enjoy using whiteboards, and they can collaborate easily with each other. I snap a picture of their work, and then I upload it to Schoology.” -- Suzanne Stafford, Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences

1. "Since our team has digital in its title, you can imagine that much of our work is done on computers. This alone saves paper. However, sometimes handwriting something has its appeal, so many of us are using Rocketbooks -- reusable, erasable, analog notebooks that use QR codes to upload content to the cloud. It is the best of both worlds!" -- Rebecca Carr, Educational Technology & Library Services
Top 5 Callout: What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
We are wrapping up October's College and Career Readiness Month, when we highlight how DPS students are preparing for success after high school. It's the perfect time to think back on your career aspirations. Fill out this form and tell us what you wanted to be when you grew up, and you'll be entered to win a prize!
Verify or Update Your Personal Information on Nov. 1
On Nov. 1, all members of Team DPS will receive an email from Human Resources containing the demographic information that DPS has on file for you, including your address, email, phone number, emergency contact, race and ethnicity, as well as information on whether you have signed up for electronic delivery of your W2 and 1095-C tax forms. This email is not SPAM or a phishing attempt and will look like this sample email.

When you receive the email on Nov. 1, take a moment to review the personal demographic information that DPS has on file for you. Instructions will be provided on how to update any out-of-date information. Having up-to-date information on file allows DPS to communicate with you and to generate reports required by federal law.
Sick Leave Bank Deductions to Come on Nov. 7
Team members enrolled in the Sick Leave Bank (SLB) will see one or two sick day deductions on your Nov. 7 paycheck. SLB gives you access to additional paid sick days once you have used all of your accumulated sick and vacation time for a disability or illness.

All team members enrolled in SLB have one or two sick days deducted for their first year of enrollment and one sick day deducted annually to continue enrollment. For additional information, including deduction policies for your role, read the SLB Guidelines and Procedures.

All team members will have the opportunity to enroll in or opt out of the Sick Leave Bank during benefits Open Enrollment in April. Questions? Email or call 720-423-3900.
Participate in Learning Opportunities on Culturally Responsive Education and Equity
Research shows that when educators develop strong relationships with their students and express high expectations for them, students of color thrive. To support this, D PS has launched a multi-year strategy to build Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) practices across the district.

Team members who are interested in learning more about Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) practices and creating more equitable outcomes for students are encouraged to attend one or more of these professional development opportunities:

  • Growth Through Connections (GTC): Anchoring learning in Dr. Christopher Emdin’s book, "For White Folks Who Teach in The Hood," GTC is an ongoing professional development unit that helps educators build strong relationships with their students and provides them with engaging and culturally relevant learning experiences. Register here or email Jamie Bassett for questions. 

  • Equity Bootcamp: Learn how we can transform leadership for the modern day to build a strong culture and create more equitable outcomes for students. This one-day session will cover the importance of relationship building, self-care, mindfulness and vulnerability-based trust when building an organizational culture. Register here or email for questions.
Perks at Work: Student Loan and Tuition Reimbursement for Teachers
ProComp teachers and specialized service providers are eligible for up to $1,000 per year ($4,000 lifetime) for student loan and tuition reimbursement. Reimbursable expenses include:

  • Courses taken at an accredited university or college or nationally associated institutions.
  • Graduate-level courses.
  • Continuing education courses, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Check out eligibility and payment guidelines here.
Living Our DPS Honoree
Osumanu Yussif
Facilities Manager,
Lowry Elementary
Students First

"Mr. Osumanu lives our Shared Core Value of Students First every day by smiling, helping and supporting students any way he can. He builds strong relationships and everyone in our building knows that when asked, Mr. O is always willing to help. He helps students in the cafeteria sort trash, recycle and compost items and keeps our school in amazing shape. Thank you, Mr. O!”

-- Adrienne Nault, Lowry Elementary
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