Terry Balous Jr.
Paraprofessional, Westerly Creek Elementary
Students First

“Terry Balous Jr. (TJ) has been a professional in our Autism Program for a number of years here at Westerly Creek. Regardless of whether the elements outside are rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, each morning TJ waits curbside to receive students in the program, ensuring that they have a friendly face to greet them each morning. To see the students in his care and the manner in which they interact with him and respond to him speaks volumes about how comfortable they feel with him and how he makes the feel safe and supported. 

Not only does TJ make sure he is meeting the needs of the students in his program, but he also operates with that same level of care and compassion for all students in our building. A true gentle giant, TJ exemplifies the DPS Shared Core Value of putting Students First to make sure that each of their individual needs are being met, but also operates with Integrity to do what's right and Equity to ensure that every student in his care receives what they need to give them the best educational experience possible. He is a true asset to our building, and we are grateful to have him!”
-- Brian Tarver, Westerly Creek Elementary