Dustin VanGundy
Teacher, Summit Academy
Students First

"Mr. VanGundy is the living embodiment of Students First because literally every decision he makes centers on what is best for our kids. If you walk by his classroom any day of the week, you will see 100% of students engaged in the lesson, excited because he helps them understand why their education is actually relevant to their lives. Students always report that Mr. VanGundy is someone they can trust, who truly supports them to be their best and makes learning fun! Every day at lunch, you will find many students stopping by his classroom for extra support for both academic and social-emotional needs. His attitude of keeping Students First also is revealed in his leadership of weekly data analysis meetings, where he constantly pushes our thinking about what is causing gaps in student understanding. Mr. VanGundy is an integral part of the Summit family and we want all of DPS to know it!"
-- Kimberly Gray and Juan Osorio, Summit Academy