2020 Fortitude Teams
This is just a resend of the FALL 2 email with some updates and clarification below.
Updates & Extras.
#1. Hair, Makeup and arrival expectations have been added to the Celtics section.
#2. New Events have been added.
#3. Parade info has been updated.
Good EveningTeam Families,

Below are some announcements, news and important dates. Please be sure to read through and email us with any questions. I have highlighted in yellow all the events/details that pertain to HOMETOWN TEAM

11/11 Boston Celtics Pre Game Performance
Arrival Time: 6:00pm
Location: East Entrance (Past exc.offices)
*Please see handout for details.
Parents enter: 6:15 General Turn styles
Arrival Attire: Tan Tights, Nude Leo, Black Leo, Team Shirt, Team Shorts, Sparkle Shoes, Team Bow & Jacket.
Costume: Bring in clear bag if any.
Boys: Wear Costume to the game.
Make Up: Full performance make up. You are apart our school so you are representing our performance caliber. See Photo Below.
Performance Team Lip Stick - Red if you're wearing red. Pink if you're not wearing red.
Hometown Team - Pink Lipstick
Hair: Part is located on the left side of the head and the hair is going to the right. Low Braided bun. Hair pice center if there is one. *Hometown Team does not have one.
*I will Bring Scooby costumes.
Performance Piece: Mystery Inc. (Team Production) & Do you Believe in Magic? (Hometown Team)
Costume: Costumes have started to arrive and they will be wearing those. I will address Hometown Team Costumes ASAP
Accessory: Team Hair bow $5 (please purchase by 11/1)

12/7 Christmas Parade
Performance Piece: We will be teaching a parade march/piece. 
Practice Time: During their current rehearsals. We are going to ask everyone to have a combined practice that day at the studio at 12:00pm until 2:00pm.. Everyone is welcome to get ready and eat lunch at the studio before the parade. We thought this would be a great bonding event.
Parade arrival: 3:30pm
Attire: Black Leotard, Tights, Longsleeve black shirt with Team shirt over it. Black pants, Lime green gloves, thick socks, sparkle shoes, holiday ear muffs, any scarf with FFD colors & Team jacket. Male Dancers: do not need a leotard but they should have thermals on. 

Make Up: Full performance make up.

Hair: Females- High Ponytail with ringlet curls. FFD Performance team bow. Males- Hair combed and gelled out of their eyes. 

Extra items: Hand warmers, water bottles, extra socks, gloves & a blanket. 

Last year we handed out glow sticks instead of candy and it was a blast. I am going to kindly ask each dancer participating to bring to donate one package of glow sticks. I am also accepting help assembling them the week of the parade.

New Items: Gloves are $5 each and each team member is required to have them. Money is due the day of the parade. 

We are now selling Fortitude Sweatpants for $30 child and $40 adult if anyone wants to order a pair money and orders are due by November 13th.

1/11/20 Mocketition
*Perfomance Team
#1. Scooby Doo
#2. Woah! I Feel Good. (Katelyn Machnik)
#3. Here in My Heart (Ashley & Laci)
#4. Aquarius (Ballet 3)
#5. Hogwarts Variation (Mini/Jr Ballet)
#6. Le Corsaire (Ballet 4)
#7 . Hardy Boys
#8. Witches Ball
#9. F.r.i.e.n.d.s
#10. Finding Neverland
#11. Old Black Magic (Ashley)
#12. One World
#13. Pink Panther
#14. Power of a Dream (Allison)
#15. Get Me to the Church on Time (Laura)
#16. Come Together
#17. Where in the World is Carmen San Diago
#18. Machine
#19. Peace Warrior (Dean)
#20. Lucky 13 (Tap Trio)
#21. Gospel Truth
#22. Black Hole Sun

*There is only 2 back to back pieces in the line up. I would like everyone to keep a steady time table. Please get yourselves dressed, do NOT mess around or I will skip your dance. BE READY.

Scooby Doo $60 each.
Small Groups $10 each.
Ballets $16 each
Trios $13
Duos $20
Solos $40

Due 1/8/2020
*Pieces will be recorded and sent to dance professionals who excels in that area of dance. We will review feed back as soon as it comes back to us.

1/12/20 Kaleidoscope Dance Awards
Is Melissa Hoffmans local dance awards. She reached out and invited us and I am happy to take any solos, duos and trios that want to go baring that they have room still in their event. The link to the event is below. Please let me know if you or your group would like to attend.

1/2520 1 Day in Studio Intensive!
We are so excited to be able to host another 1 day in studio intensive! Everyone is welcome to join. Company members are required to take the full day as one of their yearly requirements. We would also very much like the Performance Team to take at least 3 classes and Hometown team to take at least 1. There will be 5 Styles of dance and a free ballet class. We will also have free classes for moms! More information to come. I also thought it would be fun to have a pot luck lunch.

Pricing $:
Full Day $130
3 Classes $95
1 Class $40

More details to come 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Make up is basically a smokey eye.
Bun should be braided for stability.