The Healthy Athletes program was in full swing during the USA Games, dedicated to providing health services and education to Special Olympics athletes, and changing the way health systems interact with people with intellectual disabilities. By day four of the USA Games a total 4,376 athletes were screened with 1,469 screenings taking place on just that Thursday. Some Healthy Athlete discipline stats from the USA Games include:

  • Fit Feet - 52% of our athletes screened were wearing the wrong size shoe 
  • Healthy Hearing - 21% of our athletes screened did not pass their hearing test 
  • Health Promotion - 42% of our athletes screened were found to be obese and 23% were found to be at risk for hypertension
  • Fun Fitness - 70% of athletes screened needed education to improve balance, 37% to improve strength, 64% to improve flexibility and 12% to improve aerobic fitness 
  • Opening Eyes - 191 glasses were distributed 
  • Special Smiles - 6% of screened athletes received an urgent referral, 9%, 19% had untreated tooth decay.

Healthy Athletes addresses the critical health care disparity people with intellectual disabilities often face by providing free health examinations. Because of the Healthy Athletes program, Special Olympics is the largest provider of healthcare to people with intellectual disabilities.