Team Gerson
This Sunday, 14 runners joined Team Gerson to take part in the
emecula Half-Marathon & 5k, braving a chilly start and a long (and very hilly) course to show their support for natural healing and raise funds for the Gerson Institute. Before and after the race, the Team Gerson runners talked to other runners about the Gerson Therapy and lots of people came by our booth to learn about natural healing.         
Our awesome runners used their hard work for good, individually raising funds for the Institute to support our education, outreach and support programs. 
Even though the race is finished, you can still make a donation in support of Team Gerson. Team Gerson is bigger than just a race or a few runners. Team Support natural healing - donate today!
Gerson includes the Gerson Institute and every Gerson person around the world!


Team Gerson is still small, and we're nowhere near the level of the runs that support conventional cancer treatments. We have a long ways to go before our Run for Real Healing is as big as the Race for the Cure, and we know we can't hope to raise even a fraction of the millions of dollars that those other organizations raise for allopathic medical treatments and pharmaceutical research. We're a small non-profit, and alternative medicine still isn't widely accepted.


But, as with any race, the most important thing is taking the first step.  

So please, help us keep going!


While it's important to talk about the importance of nutrition and a non-toxic lifestyle, we also need to put our words into action. As Casey, a new Team Gerson recruit, explained:          
Amanda, Casey & Eric, 13.1 miles later!
"The fact that you and I have the power to consume nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that break down diseased tissues in our bodies is incredible.
This is healing for chronic disease, but also a movement to a way of life that avoids illness. 
I feel truly blessed to know the wonderful staff at the Gerson Institute and I will continue to support their hard work. It is an honor to run with the Gerson team in the Run for Healing!"

Do you run? We have a few Team Gerson tanks left over from the race (4 small, 3 medium, 2 large) and t-shirts (3 small, 2 medium, 1 large). You can purchase your own Team Gerson shirt for $25.  

If you live outside of San Diego and still want to Run for Real Healing in your own community, enter a local race and wear a Team Gerson shirt to show your Gerson pride, and you can even raise funds for the Institute through websites like Crowdrise or GoFundMe. Even if you don't enter a race, you can wear it around town and generate awareness each time you go out to train! To order a Team Gerson shirt, email Liz Cook at (we only have a few left!).

For other ideas on how to support nutritional healing this October visit our most recent blog post:

10 Ways to Support Nutritional Healing 

Just because you can't do something big doesn't mean you can't do anything. Real change starts with the small actions of committed individuals that collectively spark a movement. So, please do your part today by donating or taking action!

  Team Gerson revives with carrot juice after the race

Special Thanks!

Many thanks to everyone who donated online to support the Team and sent us good wishes via email - our Board member, Rachel, for entering us into the race and Clay for hosting the Gerson Team. Your support kept us going up those final miles!

Thank you for your support!
The Gerson Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.