We have been out in force overnight and continue to work on clearing and re-clearing the sleet and freezing rain. This is a challenging event as freezing rain continues and will throughout the day and temperatures aren’t forecasted to get above freezing until into the evening or overnight. We are well prepared for most conditions but freezing rain is the most challenging and storms that continue through the work day are also difficult to deal with as our efforts are somewhat short lived with freezing precipitation continuing to fall. The current winter storm is the conclusion of several weeks of cold threatening weather. November started off cold with icy conditions earlier than normal. 

The cold weather has gripped us for over a month with several threats of snow or icy conditions. However, several forecasts for freezing and icy conditions did not develop as predicted by the National Weather Service or other forecasting services. We have deployed more prior to Christmas than ever. The major event today will eventually diminish as temperatures are forecasted to finally rise and the  next 2 weeks show no signs of winter weather after we warm up tomorrow.


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