We are very proud to announce that we are expanding our operation to include a new Branch in the Salem area. Several of our customers have drawn us to Salem and we get more and more interest in management of property South. We believe that for us to provide the service that we have become to be known for, we need to operate out of a facility there and get involved in their community. We are currently actively developing our plan for what staff will be assigned to this and the logistics of a facility. We are also beginning to reach out to the local Salem market that does not know us like the Portland community does.
We are fully aware that there are several contractors in Salem and others from Portland that have been serving the Salem market and want to respect those relationships if you have work there being well managed by another contractor. However, we would love to discuss opportunities you might have for us to serve you in Salem, Albany, and Corvallis. We are very excited to expand there and provide the same proactive, reactive, landscape asset management service to customers in this new market with the team who has the reputation that we do here in Portland.

Bob has been spending time in Salem over the last couple of months getting to know the market and the real estate and business community. As former chair of the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, he is a huge chamber fan and thus we have joined the Salem Chamber and have been working with their leadership to get to know the community and those who own and managed property. He has got a tremendous reception and it excites us too work with them in this phenomenal community. Our goal is to become a part of the Salem business community as we respect their culture and heritage.
Team Orange is very excited about this new opportunity and part of our desire to expand to Salem is our goal to continue to provide opportunities for our great team. We are incredibly proud of the culture that we have developed, and part of that culture is training and developing people to enhance and expand their careers. Expanding to Salem will help us do that to honor this great team.

If you have an opportunity for us to look at down in Salem and or contacts that you might have there let us know. We would love to serve you and love to serve new customers in Salem who we can show how great team orange is.
Bob Grover