From Our Family (Team) to Yours...
Grace Families January 2022 Newsletter - Community of Grace
How Do You Do Teamwork?
We all serve on lots of teams. In addition to the obvious ones (workplace teams, sports teams)...

Your carpool is a team.
You and your kids' teachers and tutors are a team.
You, your partner, and those who share parenting responsibilities with you are a team.

Teamwork isn't always easy! In fact, the process of working collaboratively in order to achieve a common goal is often delayed by unforeseen circumstances, complicated schedules, and mis-matched priorities. You have your hands full, and we can help.

With weekly programs for PreK - 5th grade, a family meal each Sunday (that your whole "team" can enjoy!), and youth group for middle and high school kids, our Team's common goal is to create faith-building opportunities for every member of your family in 2022.

Team Up With Grace in 2022!
Grace Youth = Generous Youth
Grace Youth are growing in generosity and service!

In November & December, our youth raised money to buy items that filled blessing bags for the homeless, which they delivered themselves (shout-out to our adult volunteers & parent helpers!).

At their Christmas party last month, our youth sang carols on dozens of doorsteps, bringing smiles and sharing God's grace in our community.

You may have noticed more youth in service during worship on Sunday mornings? Having been trained to greet, usher and serve communion, our youth are using their gifts every weekend at Grace!

Starting this month, middle and high school youth will have the opportunity to volunteer at a local food bank with the Nunziato-Cruz family (save the date: Saturday Jan. 15th).

Beginning in February, our high school youth will "Go Bold! Live Grace!" by sharing lunch and fun activities with the kids at Lake Pleasant Estates on the second Sunday of each month.

If you would like to join our Team for events like these, contact Brita:
K-12 Sunday Morning Programming
K-5 Discovery Club

What does it take to be a Bible Ninja, you ask?

Join us for Discovery Club in January as we mine the Book of Proverbs for 4 qualities of a Bible Ninja!

Discovery Club will not meet on Jan. 2nd but will resume on Jan. 9th.

Discovery Club is for school age kids (K-5th grade), meeting for 30 minutes each Sunday between services (9:50-10:20am) in Classroom 3/4.

Be sure to check in at the lobby kiosk before dropping your child off!
Middle & High School Youth Groups

From off-brand cereals to knock-off luxury items, we know that anything of value probably has a counterfeit version floating around out there.

The same is true for our faith.

Maybe copying the behaviors of other believers was a great place to start your faith journey (we all start somwhere), but how can we move beyond copying Christians to actually following Jesus? How do we make our faith our own?

Join us as we explore authentic faith on Jan. 9, 16, 23 & 30 (no youth on Jan. 2).

Grace youth meet each Sunday from 11:45am-1:15pm, immediately following our weekly family meal.

You Belong Here!
Got Teen Girls?
Why are we telling you about Women's Events & Studies?

These opportunities are perfect for some mother/daughter time!

If your middle or high school daughter enjoys reading and tea parties, check out our January 8th event! And if you and your daughter are ready to learn how to read the Bible, consider teaming up for our 30-Day Intro course, based on the book: Help! My Bible is Alive! by Nicole Unice.

Register online for both events below.
Contact Brita for additional information:
For High School ONLY!

Youth in grades 9-12 are invited to dinner & a movie on Friday January 28th!

Details coming soon.

Contact Emily with questions:
January Calendar

Download your refrigerator copy of the Grace Families events calendar today!

Share A Meal With Us!
Each Sunday after 10:30am worship, Grace Families gather in the Family Lounge for a light lunch together. All families are welcome!

A suggested weekly donation of $3 per person / max $10 per family will help us to provide a variety of family-friendly meals for you to enjoy. Use this QR code to make your meal donation in a quick and painless way!

Looking for a way to give back at Grace? Talk to us about providing an occasional meal or serving on our Family Team!

Contact Brita for details:
Grace Families Worship goes live every Saturday @ 5 pm in our Grace Families Facebook group.
Let's Be Partners!

Join the growing team of volunteers at Community of Grace! Volunteer on your own, as a couple, or even as a family!

You can work with kids, help with set up & clean up, provide transportation, create programs for parents, provide a meal...
Community of Grace