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Two New Rock 'n' Roll Events!

TeamQuest presents two new, must-visit destinations! 

Rock 'n' Roll Washington, DC, on March 10, 2018 and Rock 'n' Roll San Diego on June 3, 2018. Tune in next week for exciting information about these awesome Rock 'n' Roll destinations.

Compete in the First Step Challenge!
A few weeks ago we mentioned that Nessy is an exclusive sponsor of a fun, interactive TeamQuest event... 
We are proud to announce that Nessy is sponsoring the first TeamQuest Step Challenge! Join us at IDA's 2017 Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, for chances to win   TeamQuest merchandise, gift cards, admission to the Dyslexia Palooza, and the grand prize of FREE registration to the 2018 Annual Conference in Foxwoods, Connecticut!

Be an Early Bird!
Our upcoming events are approaching and fast! Register with a friend and each of you will receive a $200 discount on fundraising. This is your signing bonus from the IDA Board!

Contact Tricia Sturm ( or Patrick Thornton ( to be a TeamQuest Early Bird.
Thanks to Our Sponsors!


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