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January 2016

Welcome to the January 2016 Teams365 Leadership News from Potentials Realized. Many of us have been back the office for more than a week now with some leaders saying YES! and others are realizing it's time for some major planning. strategy and development. Need a hand with that offsite/onsite or retreat? Please drop me an email - I would be happy to support you with facilitation or designing the program which you can run.

In the spirit of supporting you and your team, this month's newsletter includes some resources around goal setting and virtual facilitation - two of our monthly themes at the Teams365 Blog.

The newsletter also includes links to our upcoming Coaching Groups for Team Leaders and the Virtual Facilitation Skills Intensive. It also includes a link to this month's inaugural Teams366 Leadership lunch and learn which I hosted on Blab earlier this month, with the focus on goal setting. If you have a Twitter account you can access it

A reminder to check out our daily blog posts at the Teams365 blog. Recent posts have focused on Goal Setting, and Virtual Meeting tips (an area many of us spend too much time on).

Have a great month!

Best wishes,
One Team Planning Tool for You
One of this month's focus has been on Goal Setting. At this time of year a large focus is on making traction around our goals, as well as getting organized.

I am pleased to share with you a one-page plan which I use extensively with my coaching clients. You can download it here. It's actually a derivative of a former planning tool I used to use with my own team.

As you start your performance conversations for the year this may be a useful tool to have team members complete for themselves, share with you, and refer to often.

Questions? Let me know - I would be happy to walk through it with you.


January Teams365 Team Leadership Virtual Lunch and Learn: Goal Setting
This month I experimented with moving our monthly team leadership call to a different time (lunchtime) and a different platform (Blab instead of phone). The focus on this month's call was on Goal Setting and included four key ideas for goal setting with your team in 2016. It's a short 15 minute video which you can view on Blab or YouTube.

As you might recall I  have hosted past Team Leader Breakfast Cafe on topics such as Strengths, Team Culture which you can listen into here.
I would love to hear any feedback you have regarding whether the time of day makes it easier to attend (12 noon ET rather than 715 am ET), and also if you like the new streaming platform. Please email me your thoughts!

The next Team Leadership Lunch Blab will be held from 12 - 12:30 pm ET on Tuesday February 2nd. Focus will be on Virtual Meeting Tips. Click here to subscribe and join us live. 

Looking to boost your virtual meeting or facilitation skills? Join us on Thursdays from February 4- March 4, 2016
Team Leaders today are often being asked to facilitate meetings virtually, run training online and connect with their team. How does WebEx, Skype or Zoom really work? What creates an engaging, and productive online meeting?

Join me online on Thursdays from 12 - 3 pm ET/New York from February 4 - March 4th for a15 hour Virtual Train-the-Trainer - The Virtual Facilitation Skills Intensive. Throughout the five weeks of program you will experience:
  • Multiple opportunities to experience different virtual platforms AND lead a conversation
  • More than two dozen different facilitation approaches
  • Major components of highly effective meetings
  • How to make online learning (whether it's a meeting, strategic planning session or team event) more engaging, impactful  and fun.

We explore not only the foundations of virtual faciltiation, but give you the chance to practice and experience it for yourself, building confidence.

Click here to read more about the Virtual Facilitation Skills Intensive and reserve your space in this program. Four spots are still open.

Your registration includes:
  • 15 hours of online training
  • A 100 page digital manual
  • Half a dozen worksheets and templates you can use
  • Weekly one on one calls with me (15 min/week) to answer your questions
Cost: $950 US
Reserve your spot here - space is limited

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I hope that you enjoyed our January newsletter - I look forward to connecting with you soon. If you are interested in learning more about our coaching services, retreat or training services for team leaders and their teams, please contact me directly by phone or email.

I would also like to invite you to forward this newsletter to any colleagues who you think would benefit. We plan to circulate a monthly newsletter this year.

Jennifer Britton, MES, CPT, PCC
Potentials Realized
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