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"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these sons of bitches out!"

     -Jimmy Hoffa, President of the Teamsters

Jimmy Hoffa, the president of the Teamsters Union and a man whose name is virtually synonymous with union thuggery, is ready for war.  War on you.  War on everyday working Americans.


Hoffa's remarks came on Monday during a celebration of Labor Day held appropriately in Michigan, a state whose economy has been ravaged by liberals and unions for decades.  But this was no ordinary union rally, Jimmy was introducing the President of the United States.


That's right, after calling on his union brothers to take you out as he brought Barak Obama to the microphone.  And do you know what the President had to say?


That he's "proud" of Hoffa and his fellow labor leaders.


The anti-tea party rhetoric from the left has been growing steadily louder, angrier and more desperate recently.  Consider Rep. Carson of Indiana who claimed that the Tea Party wants to see African Americans "hanging on a tree," or Rep. Maxine Waters of California who told us to "go to hell."


And how can we forget Vice President Biden calling us "terrorists?"


This is what desperation looks like.


They know that they have lost the war of ideas, and the time honored refuge of the left is to yell louder and make crazy accusations.  


While the President's previous calls for civility sound good, it's clear that there is actually a plan on the left, supported at the highest levels, including the President himself, to attack and demonize a large segment of the American citizenry.  We will continue to call on the President and Democrats to stand against this type of violent and offensive rhetoric.  But like our expectations for the President's upcoming jobs speech on Thursday, we won't be holding our breath expecting actual results.


And it gets worse.  With well over 1.3 million registered members and an operating budget of over $212 million in 2010, the Teamsters has the firepower to wage a very dirty war against the Tea Party.  But that should come to no surprise to you because they force their members to give part of their pay away to support the union.  


Sounds a lot like our government if you ask us.


Evidently the GOP establishment in DC is refusing to condemn Jimmy Hoffa's violent rhetoric.  In fact, some members of the Republican leadership are just as bad as the union thugs.  Remember during the debt ceiling debate when Sen. John McCain called us "hobbits" and wished we would go back to "center earth"?  


We the People are under attack from both sides of the aisle, so we must stand up and defend ourselves.


Friends, we need your help.  The big government, anti-business, pro-union politicians in DC are scared.  The union bosses are scared.  They are scared that they are losing their power to We the People.  


Please contribute to Tea Party Patriots today so we can continue fighting.


We know our message of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets resonates with everyday Americans.  But the task of spreading our message is expensive, and we don't have the budget to compete with the likes of the Teamsters.  


Whether you can give $5, $50, $500, $5000, or more, please give what you can.  We are playing with the big boys now, and we have a target on our backs because they are terrified by the power of We the People!  


Also, please consider joining the First Brigade by pledging a monthly donating to Tea Party Patriots.  Please visit to learn more.  


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