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Tech Corner
Dial-in your TREMEC TKO or Magnum - Simple How To Video!
We get a lot of questions about dialing-in bellhousings and for years we didn't have a way to measure the runout of a bellhousing for a Magnum without removing the faceplate of the Magnum. Now, we have an index plate which allows you to measure the runout accurately. If you haven't installed your Magnum yet, give us a call to order the index plate. We hope this clears it up for you, it's not a difficult procedure at all and Dick's explanation and method are very clear and simple and can be used whether you're installing a TKO or a Magnum.

What's that Noise?!
Occasionally, we will get a call from a customer who just installed their overdrive transmission and now they hear this noise and they believe it MUST be the transmission, because it's the only thing different from before. When they call us, we're often baffled because the sounds they're describing aren't consistent with a drivetrain vibration, malfunctioning transmission, or a chattering clutch. Often what happens is a sound, that's not quite loud enough to be heard over the roar of a high RPM engine, can now be heard over the engine once the transmission is in overdrive and the RPMs drop. Our overdrive transmissions help you hear your passengers, radio and that loose bolt in your dash that vibrates against the windshield. 

So, if you hear noises when you take your car out for the initial drive around the block, call us. We'll help you troubleshoot for driveline angles and other noise inducing problems, but if everything checks out, try to pinpoint the source of the noise, it may be an exsisting problem you simply couldn't hear before.
Project Car Updates
Richard Petty's Superbird Clone

The Smithfield Foods Superbird Clone Giveaway car is complete! Can't get enough of the Superbird? See articles about the build, video of it in motion, and other articles and videos consolidated for you in one place, on our website!
Graveyard Carz - Cuda

If you missed the Graveyard Carz, you can watch it on Velocity's website. All of the episodes that mention "Firepower" and SEMA are about the car, the build is announced in episode 3 and you'll see it through the next several episodes with episodes 10-12 focusing almost solely on the car. The Cuda got a Silver Sport Transmissions TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed kit which put the shifter in the exact location so everything still looks completely stock, just the way the Ghouls like it. Learn more about the build on our website.
Ryan Buck's Stepchild Camaro

Ryan Buck spent so much time on his Nova, his friends jokingly called his Camaro his "stepchild". All of that's changing as the Camaro gets some major performance upgrades. There are several videos and articles on our website in the racing section about Stepchild, but our latest is in Ryan's own words as he goes through each upgrade he's made to the Camaro. Read it here and see a large gallery too!
2017 Car Show Schedule
SST Show Tent
We're ready to hit the road this summer, are you?  You can find us at a variety of shows this year including:

Hot Rod Power Tour in Bowling Green June 16th
* Chryslers Carlisle July 13-16th
* The Mopar Nationals August 11-13th
* Corvettes at Carlisle August 23-27th
* Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green September 7-10th
* Zephryhills Fall (TREMEC Booth) October 25-29th
* SEMA October 30-3rd (Attending, No Display)

Find registration information and the websites to all of these shows on our Upcoming Shows page.
EPAS Going on Power Tour!
EPAS Performance Power Steering will be represented on Hot Rod Power Tour in the GM display, go see them for a demonstration of the product in a Chevelle. Here are the Power Tour dates, and if you come to Bowling Green, we'll be there too!

June 10 - Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri
June 11 - Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa
June 12 - Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, Iowa
June 13 - University of Illinois (State Farm Center) in Champaign, Illinois
June 14 - Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois
June 15 - Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana
June 16 - Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport in Bowling Green, Kentucky
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