Technical Bulletin NFRC 101-2017 E2A17
This bulletin is notification of publication of NFRC 101-2017 that may be used immediately.

Balloted changes to Section were included in this version. The changes incorporate additional information and clarification for testing of non-homogeneous spacer systems using method ASTM C518. Additionally, proprietary products from Milgard were removed from Appendix C and are no longer able to be used in NFRC simulations.

The revision may be found in the NFRC 101-2017_E2A17 addendum log.

Non-members may access the document via the Technical Documents page.

Please be aware that only materials listed in NFRC 101 shall be used for product certification.

If you have any questions concerning the information in this  NFRC Technical Bulletin , please contact  Steve Urich , NFRC Director, Programs, at 240-821-9514.

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