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Advantage Vending Services
The capabilities of his VMS software encouraged Mike Keever to expand into micro markets.
By Elliot Maras

Gone are the days when a vending operator needed to have multiple routes to justify investing in new technology. Advantage Vending and Coffee Services, a 1-route operation in Searcy, Ark., utilizes vending management software (VMS), telemetry and cashless acceptance, and is expanding into micro markets.

Under the leadership of owner Mike Kever, the company's technology quest began several years ago when he began investing in cashless readers.

In the past year, the company has deployed a VMS to gain the efficiencies of dynamic routing based on pre-kitting and remote inventory management.

Kever bought the company in 2008 after working as an employee for four years. At the time he bought the company, the route truck carried a large amount of inventory, and the driver would pull product from the truck after going to the machines to see what was needed. "We had to keep a lot more product on hand, and keeping track of that was very difficult," Kever said.

Bevi Beverage Machine
The Internet-connected Bevi machine allows remote monitoring and maintenance.
Bevi, a company that designs high-tech coolers for sparkling and flavored water, recently announced a distribution partnership with Canteen.

The Bevi machine customizes still and sparkling water with unsweetened, zero-calorie or organically sweetened natural flavors. All machines are Internet-connected, with real-time data enabling proactive service and maintenance.

Bevi previously served hundreds of clients in New York, Boston and San Francisco. 
USAT G10-S Series Certified For 4G LTE Network 

U SA Technologies ePort Connect 
Platform's G10-S Series has been certified for use on the V erizon Wireless 4G LTE ne twork. This latest ge nerati on ePor t introduces advances in cashless payment processing, as well as mobile wallet and consumer engagement services.  The new features are designed to capitalize on adv ances  in both wireless technology and smartphone devices that make conn ecting businesses to consumers,  and consumers to businesses, more frictionless.

The ePort G10-S is the first 4G LTE cashless payment device in the unattended small-ticket retail industry, according to USAT. 

Nationwide availability of the G10-S is expected in February, and will enable USAT to offer its customers faster processing and enhanced functionality, and make it possible to support the value-added services of ePort Connect as technology and consumer requirements evolve.
The Aroma uses a proprietary brewing method with the Mars Freshpack.
The Mars Drinks Aroma brews coffees and teas in under 60 seconds, using a proprietary brewing method paired with the flexible Freshpack that ensures no flavor cross-contamination from drink to drink.

The unit has a larger cold tank than the Keurig Office Pro K145, offering four more cups between tank refills, according to Mars Drinks.

"The Aroma has been designed to incorporate the flexibility and functionality smaller workplaces demand as well as the sustainable solutions that our customers desire," said   Xavier Unkovic , global president for Mars Drinks.
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