Issue No. 169 | Aug. 21, 2019
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
俗语 from Xi Jinping
bǎi zhé bù náo

Meaning: To keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks ( 造句 )

Original: "革命战争时期,为实现民族独立、人民解放,我们党 百折不挠 、浴血奋战,团结带领人民夺取了新民主主义革命胜利,建立了新中国,实现了人民当家作主."

Xi Jinping used this chengyu while delivering remarks at the 15th Collective Learning Session for the "不忘初心、牢记使命" education project on June 25th, 2019.
Weekly Readings
In lieu of an in-depth reading this week, here are a few bite-sized readings:

  • This 人民网 article responds to Facebook and Twitter's decision to shut down over 200,000 Chinese accounts targeting Hong Kong protests.
  • China Daily's 双语 news recap for August 21 is designed for learning English, but works just as well for studying Chinese.
  • If you haven't already subscribed, the daily NYT 简报 provides a good review of the news headlines in Chinese.
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Video: 《这就是中国》
China Now《这就是中国》is a TV program that examines hot topics in current events from a Chinese perspective, such as China's rise, human rights, cross-strait relations and more. The show follows a “演讲 + 真人秀” format, beginning with a speech by Zhang Weiwei, professor of international relations at Fudan University, and followed by Q&A and discussion with the audience.
Watch the latest episodes with Chinese subtitles on YouTube or iQiyi . You can also listen to the audio version on Ximalaya .
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