April 2014
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New Domain Names: A Good Choice for Your Business?

To buy or not to buy

How to gracefully stop a chatterbox so you can get back to work

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Business Continuity Tip

Mobile Cybercrime

With the recent uptick of in-store data-breaches, it's important to also remember the vulnerabilities associated with mobile devices, and social media platforms.

According to Norton�s Cybercrime Report, 1 in 4 adults have been a victim of mobile and social cybercrime. So what can we do to protect our mobile devices and guard our personal information?

♦ Regularly update your operating system for security patches.

♦ When you enter a website (especially financial) make sure that "https" appears in the address bar, which means connection is secure.

♦Turn the Bluetooth function off after using it. It is another way unknown applications or viruses can access your cell phone.

♦ Know how to perform a remote wipe to remove data from your device if lost or stolen.

New Domain Names: A Good Choice for Your Business?
used with permission from MSFT for Work

If your city suddenly decided to double the amount of waterfront property available for development, would you buy or would you be skeptical? That�s what�s happening on the Internet. More top-level domain names are being created so businesses can finally get those prize web addresses they�ve always wanted.  For small businesses there are 2 things to consider before rushing to preregister your new domain name: credibility and whether or not it will actually help your business.

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To buy or not to buy
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

With new technology being released on what seems like a daily basis, it�s understandable that businesses have a hard time keeping up. The next new this and the next new that might seem like a great addition to your business, but how do you know when to immediately embrace new technology or when to wait for the next release?

Often there�s no clear-cut answer. For consumers, adopting a new technology is usually a low-risk behavior. If they buy something they don�t like, they�ll simply replace it with something different during their next purchase. It�s a lot trickier for businesses, though.

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How to gracefully stop a chatterbox so you can get back to work
by Joe Serio, www.joeserio.com

"I have a coworker who�s always coming in to my office to talk. I have work to do, but it�s so hard for me to tell that person to go away. I don�t want to be mean and come across as rude. What can I do?"

This is a very common situation and a tough one to be in. Dealing with a heavy talker creates a lot of tension, frustration, and even fear. It can feel impossible to tell someone to leave you alone without hurting them, and you may fear the repercussion of a hostile working environment. At the same time, it�s not fair for you to be looked down on by your superiors for wasting time when you don�t want to.

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Monthly Trivia

First person to submit the correct answers by email to anorton@osgusa.com will receive a $20 Starbucks gift card!

Entries are judged by date/time received and correctness. Include your name and phone number, the question number and the answer.

1) There is a legend that on the first day of spring, you can balance a "what" on a table?

2) Which playful bird is often seen as symbolizing the arrival of the spring season?

3) Spring is the season of flowers. The Japanese celebrate the arrival of spring by hosting mass viewings of which flower?

4) The start of spring coincides with the postseason of which U.S. organized sport?

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Quote of the Month

"Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence."

 - Thomas Szasz


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