December 2013
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The Phenomena of Hashtags

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The phenomena of #hashtags
used with permission from Technology at Work

It�s a simple symbol � two lines intersecting two lines. It�s been known as the number sign, the pound sign and the hash mark. It�s used for different purposes in linguistics, mathematics and computing. Of course, we�re talking about the # symbol. It�s a simple sign, but one with growing influence.

Today, the # symbol is used to create �hashtags� in social media posts on sites like Twitter and Facebook. A hashtag is the # symbol followed by a word or phrase.

Hashtags create a system for grouping messages and allow social media users to see content, such as tweets, from people they do not follow. So, if you search #cats on Twitter, you�ll see content from around the world about cats, which there is a lot of.

Exploring topics using hashtags is simple. On Facebook and Twitter, hashtags are clickable � so you just have to select the hashtag to view more about that topic. You can also search using hashtags (as opposed to traditional keywords), but there is a difference between keyword and hashtag queries. A hashtag is always written without spacing and might not contain normal words. That means searches for �#ILoveCats� and �I love cats� would generate different results.

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Cryptolocker Virus
used with permission from ezMicro

There is a new and very serious virus named CryptoLocker that is currently circulating the Internet. The threat involves an e-mail attachment that, if opened, will evade most anti-virus and anti-spyware software and encrypt data on your individual computer and your network, making it appear to be inaccessible. Please inform everyone to be extra vigilant about not opening attachments from questionable sources. The delivery is very clever and very malicious.

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3 Things You Need to Do When Choosing Technology for Your Business
used with permission from Microsoft Business Hub
by Cindy Bates

You want to save money. You want to get more done in less time. And you want technology that just does what it�s supposed to do. Here are three ways you can ensure you�re making the right technology decisions for your business.

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How to Build and Use a Business Budget That's Useful All Year Long
used with permission from
by Caron Beesley

Budgets are difficult to plan and maintain at the best of times � unexpected events, cash flow problems, supply chain issues and more can all reap havoc with even the most thoroughly planned business budgets. The other problem with budgets is that many of us set budgets in our business and personal lives at the beginning of the year, and then file them away until the year-end rolls around once more.

And this is where the problem lies: your business is never static, and your budget shouldn't be either.

Here are some tips for developing and managing a dynamic budget that can keep you on course all year long.

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Monthly Trivia

First person to submit the correct answers by email to will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card!

Entries are judged by date/time received and correctness. Include your name and phone number, the question number and the answer.

1) What is Santa Claus' name in Italy?

2) Jim sold his watch so that he could buy Della what in "The Gift of the Magi?"

3) Who sings "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer?"

4) What is the name of The Grinch's dog?

Cartoon of the Month

Quote of the Month

"I like to compare the holiday season with the way a child listens to a favorite story. The pleasure is in the familiar way the story begins, the anticipation of familiar turns it takes, the familiar moments of suspense, and the familiar climax and ending."

 - Fred Rogers


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