February 2014
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Windows XP: Time is running out, are you ready?

Copier Data Security

The Pocket Office Revolution

Sharing Information Effectively: The Heart of Sharepoint

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Sharing information effectively: The heart of Sharepoint
used with permission from Microsoft

Every business wants to take full advantage of the resources it already has�its people, its data, and its technologies.

We can help you do it with Microsoft SharePoint.

Solve common workplace challenges.

By supporting collaboration and content management, SharePoint can quickly help organizations solve challenges around lost productivity due to disconnected people and teams, slow turnarounds, untapped or underused expertise, and even outdated IT systems that are difficult to scale.

Discover a new way to work together.

SharePoint offers across-the-board features to help your company and your people share and store ideas and information�everything from streamlining common tasks to powering business intelligence to making it easy to keep track of what colleagues are doing.

  • Share ideas, content, and vision through robust and intuitive social features, document libraries, activity feeds, and Microsoft SkyDrive Pro�a part of SharePoint.

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Windows XP: Time is running out, are you ready?
used with the permission of HTS

One of the most popular and longest lived Microsoft operating systems that we all know and love, Windows XP, has almost run its course. The clock is ticking... And on April 8, 2014, Windows XP will officially be �dead�, with no more extended support, and�more importantly�no more security patches. Hopefully, this news does not come as a surprise, as Microsoft has foretold the fate of XP since its release back in 2001.

Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP and Small Business Server 2003 so it�s time to make the change to ensure you remain on supported versions of Windows and Office.

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Copier Data Security: A Guide for Businesses
used with permission from FTC BCP Business Center

Does your company keep sensitive data � Social Security numbers, credit reports, account numbers, health records, or business secrets? If so, then you�ve probably instituted safeguards to protect that information, whether it�s stored in computers or on paper. That�s not only good business, but may be required by law.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation�s consumer protection agency, your information security plans also should cover the digital copiers your company uses. If the data on your copiers gets into the wrong hands, it could lead to fraud and identity theft.

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The Pocket Office Revolution
used with permission from MSFT for Work

Fun fact: your smartphone contains more computing power than the entire Apollo program used to put astronauts on the moon. That kind of power in your pocket means more than just playing Angry Birds: it�s the means by which technology is finally enabling business to move out of the cubicle and into the pocket office revolution�the most disruptive change to work since replaceable parts.

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1) What state produces a majority of America's roses?

2) What state has a town called Valentine?

3) Name one the two mob bosses believed to be involved in the St Valentine's Day massacre.

4) What fruit is also known as the "love apple?

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