February 2015
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The top three cloud security concerns

Things Your Business Can Learn From the Selfie Explosion

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4 ways to deal with interruptions
by Joe Serio, www.joeserio.com

One of the biggest problems you're dealing with at work is probably interruptions. And it's also one of the biggest excuses you're using for not getting your stuff done.

Of course, there are times you just can't avoid being interrupted, especially if it's your supervisor who's interrupting you. There are so many more times you allow yourself to be interrupted and then blame it on someone else.

The fact of the matter is most people experience interruptions but don't realize that very often they are the ones in the driver's seat, not the person interrupting.

The reasons you allow interruptions can be wide-ranging, but most often they're driven by your inability or unwillingness to be "less than friendly" to people. For whatever reason, you don't know how to say no.Here are a few pointers on decreasing the interruptions in your life:

1. Understand the nature of the beast

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The top three cloud security concerns
used with permission from IBM ForwardView

Of all the IT buzz words and hot issues streaming across screens these days, there are probably two that have caught a bit of your attention: cloud and security.

Cloud may have piqued your interest because of the potential for cost savings by tapping into leading edge applications offered, managed and maintained by someone else—helping you alleviate some of your IT backlog while enhancing business capabilities. And security, because of the boisterous headlines about breaches and cybercrime that seem to be monthly occurrences—making you wonder if your business' data is as secure as it needs to be.

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3 Things Your Business Can Learn From the Selfie Explosion
used with permission from Microsoft For Your Business

Selfies have become a dominant force worldwide. The word was named the Word of the Year 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries after there was a 17,000% increase in the use of "selfie" over the course of the year. In August "selfie" was accepted into the ultimate word bible: the Scrabble dictionary. On Twitter, #selfie yields thousands of results each hour. And whether or not your business has any reason to post a selfie or use the hashtag, selfies prove the power in following trending topics and finding opportunities to enter popular conversations.

But whether or not it's a fleeting trend or here to stay, the selfie is much more than a vain expression of ourselves. Its virility, its ability to engage wide audiences, and the way it humanizes even the most polished personas offer three lessons for your business.

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