June 2014
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Smell the Coffee with the Next Wave of the Internet

Tech trends business can't ignore

Schedule your emails in Outlook using Delay Delivery

Lock Down: Our Top 5 Security Takeaways

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Lock Down: Our Top 5 Security Takeaways
used with permission from Cisco

If you�re reading this right now, you�re on the internet. You appreciate the ability to work, surf and shop on the world wide web without having your information exploited, and you think you know the basics: use secure sites, don�t store your credit card information, and don�t open sketchy emails. In 2014, that may not be enough.

The sophistication of the technology and tactics used by online criminals�and their nonstop attempts to breach networks and steal data�have outpaced the ability of IT and security professionals to address these threats. With the rush of new technology, new threats were detected every day in 2013- up 14% from 2012. Here are some of our guidelines for staying safe in 2014.

■  Make sure your computer�s security system is ALWAYS up to date. One-hundred percent of a sample of 30 of the world�s largest Fortune 500 company networks generated visitor traffic to Web sites that host malware.

■  It�s not just your computer: Ninety-nine percent of all mobile malware targeted Android devices.

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Smell the Coffee with the Next Wave
of the Internet

Used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
by Sue Tabbitt

Will touch, smell and taste be part of the Internet of Everything experience? The �pervasive computing' department of a UK university recently launched a mobile app capable of transmitting aromas remotely, paving the way for a new era of multi-sensory digital communications.

Experts have plenty of ideas about what will constitute the next wave of the Internet and mobile communications. But in the �Pervasive Computing' department of City University London  in the UK, Professor Adrian Cheok and his team are certain this will involve a fuller sensory experience � involving smell, taste and touch.

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Tech trends business can't ignore
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

For small businesses across the country, it�s easy to maintain the status quo. After all, change, particularly when related to technology, can be costly to incorporate and uncomfortable to implement. Yet, if small businesses are to compete and grow in an ever-evolving marketplace, leaders must keep their eyes and minds open to technology�s possibilities.

But is your business embracing technology�s promise or accepting the status quo?

According to the National Small Business Association�s (NSBA) 2013 Small Business Technology Survey, one in four small business owners do not use a smartphone, social media or collect customer information, while more than 70 percent avoid selling their products or services online [1].

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Schedule your emails in Outlook using Delay Delivery

Timing is everything � and this goes for email too!

If you've ever been irritated (or � ahem � irritated others) by getting a rash of emails at 2am from that co-worker who never seems to sleep, then the Delay Delivery option in Outlook comes to the rescue.

And it�s really easy!

When you are composing a new email in Outlook, goes to the Options tab on the composer window.

Under More Options on the right side of the Ribbon, you�ll see Delay Delivery

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1) According to the children�s song �Six Little Ducks,� what did the one little duck who ruled the others have on his back?

2) Who stole the Queen of Hearts' tarts?

3) What car rental company claimed they �try harder?"

4) What title did Yertle hold in Dr. Seuss�s book Yertle The Turtle?

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