March 2015
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A Preview of Windows 10


Revealed: Hidden Costs


Six Ways Technology is Changing How We Travel


Configuring and customizing more form items in Microsoft Word 2013


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Configuring and customizing more form items in Microsoft Word 2013

If you've dived into adding Microsoft's form items (using the Developer Tab) to your documents, you might want to go the extra step to customize your form items. This tech tip explains the Properties of commonly used form items: textfields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, and date pickers.

Accessing a form item's properties

When accessing and editing a form item�s properties, it is helpful to already be in Design Mode. This view mode more clearly highlights the items as you�re working on them. To turn on Design Mode, go to the Developer Tab and then click the Design Mode icon under the Controls Group.

When you have Design Mode turned on, you can easily access a form item�s properties by right-clicking on the item. In the menu that appears, click Properties.

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A Preview of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the next generation of Microsoft's device OS that adapts to the devices you're on and what you're trying to get done, with a consistent, familiar, and compatible experience that enables you to be more productive.

Future Features

Here is a quick introduction to the first highlighted key features of Windows 10 that are included in the released Technical Preview. This is a sneak peak, and not an exhaustive list of final product features. But what might we be looking forward to?

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Revealed: Hidden Costs
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

In today's era of notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, mobility is a high priority�making small businesses more dynamic and responsive in an on-the-go world.

That reality, however, should not detract from the important role desktop PCs still play in today's business environment, delivering more power, more robust upgrade options, and more functionality compared to their portable counterparts.

While large enterprises typically refresh their desktop PCs once every three years, small businesses tend to hold on to their PCs for five to seven years [1]. Older hardware, however, often slows operations and sparks hidden costs. In fact, PCs more than four-and-a-half years old are estimated to cost 50 percent more to support and take 50 percent longer to perform many tasks [2].

So while retaining those still-functioning workhorse PCs purchased during the early-2000s might seem a prudent move, their continued use could be costing you more than you think. Here's how:
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Six Ways Technology is Changing How We Travel
Used with the permission of
Jason Deign

Innovations such as mobility and the Internet of Everything are bringing real-time ease, flexibility, and fun to our journeys. Here are just some examples.

1. Where to go

Travel used to be about selecting a destination, hoping your luggage would get there with you, then worrying about tummy bugs for the rest of the stay.

Now, though, with apps such as TripAdvisor, you can now get a customer-eye's view of the places you may be visiting, and check on other peoples' reviews to see whether it measures up to your expectations. Best of all, you can carry the info with you on your mobile.

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Monthly Trivia

First person to submit the correct answers by email to will receive a $20 Starbucks gift card!

Entries are judged by date/time received and correctness. Include your name and phone number, the question number and the answer.

1) True or False: The temperature outside must be below freezing for it to snow?

2) What is the most snow to fall in a single day in the U.S.?

3) True or False: All snowflakes have six sides.

4) Which U.S. city sees the greatest number of snowy days each year, on average?

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"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

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