November 2014
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3 Hidden Costs of Aging IT Networks

Encryption in Office 365

Why You Need a Managed Services Provider

Help! I've Spilled Coffee on my Laptop

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Help! I've Spilled Coffee on my Laptop
reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business Center

It's late and you're struggling to stay awake at your desk, so you decide to make yourself a cup of coffee. A few more hours of work ahead and the coffee will perk you up. Then, oops, there it is, all over your laptop, ruining your evening. The coffee has drained into the machine. The damage could be irreparable.

And worse: you may actually be in danger of being electrocuted. Since data travels between the laptop's components via an electrical current, if any liquid comes into contact with the components while the power is on, it will short out the traces between the circuits. Everything can be affected -- keyboard, motherboard, memory and processor.

So what should you do if the worst happens?

Don't panic. By acting promptly, you can usually prevent significant damage. If your laptop is running on battery power and isn't connected to an AC outlet, quickly press the power button to shut the machine down. Then remove the battery.

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3 Hidden Costs of Aging IT Networks

Network refresh. . .I�ll give you a moment to stop cringing.

Better? Ok.

It�s something that most business leaders don�t want to think about, but needs to be considered when your network reaches the three year mark. A network refresh is an investment, there�s no doubt about that, but the cost of doing nothing and continuing to work on an aging network most likely has greater costs that you may not even realize.

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Encryption in Office 365
used with permission from Microsoft

Office 365 Message Encryption is an easy-to-use service that lets email users send encrypted messages to people inside or outside their organization. Designated recipients can easily view their encrypted messages and return encrypted replies. Regardless of the destination email service�whether it�s, Yahoo, Gmail, or another service�email users can send confidential business communications with an added level of protection against unauthorized access.

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Why You Need a Managed Services Provider

Information technology (IT) systems are expected to meet high standards of operation, while offering 24/7 availability, security, and performance. In today�s environment, you have to keep pace with the constant changes in IT, performance demands, and pressure to deliver competitive IT functionality. To meet these challenges, many organizations consider outsourcing their IT activities to be an attractive option.

What is a Managed Services Provider?
A Managed Services Provider (MSP) lets you delegate specific IT operations to them. The MSP is then responsible for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for your IT systems and functions.

Managed services providers offer services such as:

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4) The first departmental store that held a Thanksgiving parade was?

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"We are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems."

 - John W. Gardner


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