November 2013
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Behind Every Great Device is a Great Network

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Behind Every Great Device is a Great Network
used with permission from Cisco

Exponential growth in the use of smart devices has led to significant and increased demand for bandwidth across 84 per cent of organisations surveyed globally, according to new research commissioned by BT and Cisco. More than half (56 per cent) of IT managers have also noticed a resulting performance decline in some applications, which impacts negatively the productivity gains promised by smart devices. Almost half (46 per cent) of workers with Wi-Fi access in their office have experienced delays logging on or accessing an application, while 39 per cent have noticed they are running more slowly now than before.

The research, which surveyed attitudes towards workers' use of their own smart devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) in 13 regions, reveals 76 per cent believe their organisations need to take further steps to fulfill the potential productivity gains that smart devices offer. Increased use of cloud solutions (33 per cent), greater use of specialist software (32 per cent) and greater support for smart device users (32 per cent) are what is needed to seize the opportunity.

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Protecting Employee Privacy: Health Information Rules for Businesses
used with permission from
by Cecelia Taylor

Does your employee health plan allow workers to maintain their medical information online?  Do you store information on employee healthcare plans? If so, then you should familiarize yourself with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), which includes provisions to strengthen privacy and security protections for web-based businesses practices.

As a result of ARRA, the Federal Trade Commission issued a rule requiring companies to contact customers in the event of a security breach. After receiving comments from the public, the FTC issued the Health Breach Notification Rule which requires businesses who have a security breach to:

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7 Ways to Protect Your Small Business from Fraud and Cybercrime
used with permission from
by Caron Beesley

How secure are your small business assets from fraud, identity theft and cybercrime?

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), companies with less than 100 employees lose approximately $155,000 as a result of fraud each year. Small businesses also have a higher fraud rate than larger companies and non-business owners. One of the most frequent sources of fraud is credit card abuse – largely due to the fact that few business owners actually take the time to go through every line item on their bill or choose to mingle business and personal accounts.

Other sources of fraud stem from an overall lack of security across the business – such as inadequate network and computer security and a lack of background checks when hiring employees.

Don't be a victim! Here are some tips you can take to better protect your business from some common forms of fraud and cybercrime.

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7 Rules for Managing a Mobile Workforce
by Joanna L. Krotz
reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center

It's 10 a.m. Do you know where your employees are?

The ranks of mobile workers are swelling, fueled by the wireless Internet, powerful handheld devices, VPNs (virtual private networks), and WLANs (wireless local area networks).

As many as nine out of every 10 employees now work from locations other than company headquarters, according to Nemertes Research, a New York market researcher that specializes in emerging technologies. In addition, some 40% to 70% of employees work in locations remote from their supervisors.

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3) What was the name of Danny's gang in "Grease"?

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