October 2014
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Don't risk sticking with XP

The Modern Office: How Place and Space Affect Productivity

3 Things You Need to Do When Choosing Technology for Your Business

Customize Your PowerPoint Presentation With Slide Masters

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Customize Your PowerPoint Presentation With Slide Masters

If you�re wasting time laboriously updating the background image, fonts, colors, and more on every slide of your lengthy PowerPoint presentation, you�re probably saying, �There must be a better way to do this!�

And there is. Enter the power of slide masters!

A slide master is a part of a PowerPoint template that controls how slides appear throughout your presentation. When you make changes to a slide master, they�re applied universally to the presentation. Make a change once � and it�ll appear everywhere it�s supposed to!

In PowerPoint, once you switch to Slide Master view (instead of the default view), you can see and modify slide masters for all the types of slides: title slide, normal content, two column, section titles, and more. Here, you can make the changes you need once, and they�ll appear everywhere they need to and on new slides as you add them.

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Don't risk sticking with XP
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Maybe you've been busy. Maybe you've been waiting for the right time. Maybe you didn't think it was necessary. Whatever your reason for not migrating your business off of Windows® XP and on to Windows 7 or 8.1, it's officially time to stop procrastinating.

When Microsoft® stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8 of this year, they also stopped security updates for the venerable operating system. The simple truth is that if your business is still running Windows XP, you're putting your sensitive data�and your employees�at risk of serious security threats.

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The Modern Office: How Place and Space Affect Productivity
used with permission from MSFT for Work

f you�ve worked in an office, you know there are often many obstacles to productivity. Whether it�s too many interruptions, a loud coworker, or just poor communication�there are things, specific to the work environment, that detract from your ability to work. Over the years, office spaces have evolved to suit modern working styles, but there are still inefficiencies that need to be ironed out. Here�s a look at where we�ve been, where we�re going, and how these changes will impact workplace productivity.

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3 Things You Need to Do When Choosing Technology for Your Business
used with permission from Microsoft Business Hub
by Cindy Bates

You want to save money. You want to get more done in less time. And you want technology that just does what it�s supposed to do. Here are three ways you can ensure you�re making the right technology decisions for your business.

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