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January 14, 2020 - Volume 8, Issue 2
Data Privacy Day

The 28th day in January each year is Data Privacy Day. While it may not be a day with a huge celebration or notoriety in most places, there is no reason it should not be treated as important as many holidays that are given that kind of press.

What Is The Holiday About?

Data Privacy Day is a day dedicated to reminding people to keep their data as private as possible as well as enabling them and educating them so that they can do just that. There may be more reason for this holiday than you would initially expect.

Why Is Data Privacy Important?

While many places may be looking into your data history to better tailor coupons and advertisements to you, many uses of that data come with a far more malevolent intent. This could be anything from tailoring phishing attacks to you (as we covered in Volume 7, Issue 9 - which can be found on the Ridge Support website), to tailoring phone scams to you (an idea to be covered in a future issue of Tech Talk News) or even spreading fake news by targeting you with false headlines and news articles that they know will rile you up.

What Can I Do About It?

While there is no surefire way to prevent all your data from being collected, good user practices and setting up data collection options on accounts goes a long way. This may include editing your browser settings to not allow cookies and making use of the privacy settings on any social media account (if any) you use.

Other helpful options can include implementing security settings on your network through setting on your firewall, training and educating users on the importance of keeping your data secure and using secure connections to connect to critical outlets (including doing things like remote into the office).

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