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September 24, 2019 - Volume 7, Issue 11
Introducing Intercept X

Intercept X and Intercept X Advanced are two cutting edge products offered through Sophos that are part of a Unified Threat Management (UTM) as was discussed in Volume 7, Issue 8 of Tech Talk News (Note: You can find this issue on the Ridge Support website if you didn't receive it or no longer have it in your inbox) . Both operate as an endpoint protection program that integrates with Sophos XG firewalls to ensure some of the best protection available.

What Does It Do?

In it's most basic form, Intercept X could be thought of as an improved anti-virus program for your device. It scans the machine and responds to threats (including ransomware) by stopping the threats from running, finding the source and cause of the threats and then removing them. The Intercept X Advanced platform also serves to reduce ways that a device can get infected by scanning websites and picking out harmful websites to block as well as being able to respond before the malicious files even run on the device.

What really sets Intercept X apart from many of its competitors is it's ability to interact with the Sophos XG firewalls. Intercept X will send the firewall status updates that will allow threats on the network, and their causes, to be identified quickly and allow the network to make changes to prevent a similar threat reaching another device. This also allows the firewall to know when a device is infected so that it can alert other devices on the network, effectively quarantining the infected device until the issue is resolved.

What We Recommend

In order to best protect the whole network, it is recommended that the organization has both a firewall and endpoint protection. Intercept X is one of the strongest endpoint protections around and the extra features provided in the advanced version are well worth the minor additional cost. Especially if you are using Intercept X Advanced, it is recommended that you utilize a Sophos XG firewall to take full advantage of the features of both products.

How Can Ridge Support Help?

Ridge Support can help with anything from leasing the Sophos XG firewall to installing Intercept X on devices or managing the firewall settings and monitoring any potential warnings that the firewall or Intercept X may send. If you're interested in learning more about the products or are interested in getting the programs for your organization, feel free to call into our office today.

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