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November 7, 2019 - Volume 7, Issue 14
It's Budget Time Once Again

The 2020 fiscal year is fast approaching and so budgets are being prepared everywhere. Are you prepared to present your budgets and have you planned it out to get the most out of your IT investments?

We Can Certainly Help

While many of our clients already do so, please feel free to call into the office should you have any questions, concerns or are just seeking advice on your budget. Our team will do the best job they can to layout what you are looking for and the likely costs associated with them.

The best way to maximize your investments is to consult our team and present them with any plans you may have that relate to IT. This will allow us to see what the best option is for you to reach your goals while also not pushing your budget to the limit as might be the case without prior planning.

We strive to look out for the best interest of our customers and their procurement in the IT venue. Be it hardware, software or service related, we want to guide you in the most effective manner possible.  

Don't Forget
___ If you are engaging service or support with a software or third party vendor in which our services may be required, always make sure to give Ridge Support as much advanced notice as possible. These situations include but are not limited to:
  • Changing of an internet service provider
  • Changing phone service providers
  • Updating of websites
  • Software and hardware migrations, upgrades, and installations
  • Addition or deletion of user accounts
We ask this in an effort to be able to provide you with the steadfast and professional service that you have come to expect of us.
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