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Tech Tip --------------------
Added "Flexibility" Using TrueCap RF Capacitance Level Sensor With Cable Extension    
TrueCap With Cable Extension 
TrueCap® RF Capacitance Level Sensor W/ Cable Extension

The TrueCap® RF capacitance probe is a point level sensor that uses the principles of capacitance to detect or measure the level of a powder, solid or a liquid / slurry.

Why Choose RF Capacitance With Cable Extension...
The TrueCap® RF capacitance level sensor with cable extension provides a few advantages...
> Simple RF Capacitance with Cable Extension installation with cable dropping through mounting flanges. 
> RF capacitance cable extension probe will also provide
greater "flex" as compared to a solid probe for demanding applications involving dynamic material conditions
> Using a cable extension probe on a TrueCap level indicator can extend the sensing point to as much as 50 feet (15m)
beneath the mounting point. (Unit must be vertically [top] mounted.)
> Ability to adjust Calibration / Sensitivity and Delay.
> No motors or moving parts to wear out and change out.

For more details on Monitor's TrueCap® please visit:

TrueCap® RF Capacitance Level Sensors 
Monitor Technologies offers two models including the top of the line TrueCap® MK-2 and the cost-minded MK-2e. 
Units are available with many options to handle the most demanding applications including a tri-clamp connection version, stub probe version, cable extension version, hazardous location option, remote electronics version and more.   

- Superior 0.5pF Sensitivity
Temperature Compensation

Automatic Material Build-Up Immunity. The TrueCap MK-2 and MK-2e contain driven shield technology that allows the sensor to "ignore" material build-up on the probe. Build-up on a probe without this type of technology can cause false sensing.
Push-Button (MK-2) or Potentiometer-Adjusted (MK-2e) Calibration Sensitivity and Delay

Time Delay Function Helps to Eliminate Premature "Material-Present" Indication That Can Sometimes Occur During the Filling Process if Material Was to Intermittently Come in contact with the level probe.
Maximized Reliability via Smart Sensing Algorithms
Including "Self-Validating" Fail-Safe Protection (on MK-2 version)  
Externally Viewable LED Sensor Status Indicator on Ordinary Loc. Unit
Hazardous Location Approvals Available
Optional Split Architecture Model
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Product Spotlight  -----------------
Radar Right TM Non-Contact Continuous Level Sensor   
RadarRight is Monitor Technologies' latest addition to its continuous level sensor line. The new RadarRight is a non-contact radar continuous level sensor which means nothing to "touch" your process.  

  • The RadarRight provides dependable, real-time level measurements at the "right" price for use with powders, bulk solids and liquids.
  • The instrument uses proven microwave "pulse" technology and has a small beam angle to concentrate energy for high accuracy and reliability.
  • The sensor has no moving parts to wear which leads to long operational life and low maintenance.
  • The RadarRight is easy to set-up / configure with the included LCD push button display module.
  • Analog or RS-485 (Modbus Compatible) versions are offered.
  • Gimbal (swivel) style process connection allows for aiming antenna for added measurement accuracy and for avoiding internal obstacles, flow streams, etc.
  • Suitable for various metal or nonmetal storage vessels. 
  • Dust protection options are also available.   

For more information on the RadarRight non-contact level sensor, please visit: 

Click Here to view more details on continuous level solutions from Monitor Technologies, LLC.

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