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Tech Tip  -----------------

Low Voltage Bin Level Indicators
Model KA _ KAX
Model KA _ KAX Level Indicator

Monitor Technologies'  Model KA and KAX rotary paddle bin level indicators, powered by 12 or 24 VDC, incorporate an AC motor that makes them a viable solution for process oriented systems requiring a low voltage power source, minimal installation cost, and frequent level cycling. This DC version of Monitor's rotary paddle level sensor includes electronics that converts the 12/24 VDC power source to 6 VAC energy that is used to operate a 6 VAC motor. Using an AC motor instead of a DC motor significantly improves the performance of these models by ensuring functional reliability and providing longer operational life than a DC motor. 
Monitor's rotary paddle level switches are very versatile and can be used in a variety of powder & bulk solids storage applications. Other features include rugged construction, twist On/Off cover, motor shut-off when paddle becomes impeded and a Hazardous Location option (Model KAX).

The same benefits also apply to the 24 VDC powered SafePoint┬« fail-safe rotary paddle level sensor.

In addition, you can contact Monitor's Application Engineers at to discuss the best option for your needs. 

For more information please visit:

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update -------

Illinois has recently announced to extend the state's stay-at-home order through May 30, 2020; However, Monitor Technologies will continue to be open as an "essential supplier"  of control instrumentation.

We hope you are doing well. To offer some assurance to you, Monitor Technologies' facility is open for business and able to serve customers since we are considered "Critical Manufacturing" with control instrumentation for many "Essential" supply chains, including food & beverage, agriculture, chemical, energy, mining and construction.

What this currently means:
Monitor Technologies' facility will be open normal business hours to support, process, produce and ship new orders.
You will have access to Monitor's sales / marketing, customer service and technical support teams. Our staff will be alternating working at the office and working remotely from home. 
> Monitor's "general" e-mail addresses will continue to be monitored (ex.,,,,
>  We can utilize telephone and digital conferencing to conduct sales meetings, provide customer / technical support, etc.
> We will have adjusted schedules with our staff, as well as, conduct other safety and health precautions to protect of our staff, business partners and customers.

Click Here
for a letter from Monitor's President / Owner that has been created for any of our customers, reps & distributors who inquire about our operations during this time.

Our team wishes you all the best in this uncertain time. Stay safe and please let us know if we can help you with anything.
Product Spotlight -----------------

Dura Vibe TM
Series of vibratory level sensors for powders & bulk solids
> Designed for  Durability, Versatility & Reliability
> Provide ultimate hazardous location protection with intrinsically-safe probe 
Model PZP
-  Superior durability  with industry-leading probe strength!  
-  Excellent versatility
detects very light to heavy materials 
-  No calibration required ! Easy installation and set-up 
-  Unaffected by varying material compositions  (temp, moisture, etc.)

Patented Steel Gusset 
 Reinforced Design
-  Diamond-shape single probe design to prevent material build-up 
-  Fail-safe signal if power is lost  
-  External status LED (Ord. Loc. units)  
-  Pipe extension, cable extension and high-temp units are available 
-  Easily incorporates into existing processes
Model V ibraRodTM    
-  Versatile & durable, yet economical
- No calibration required! Easy installation and set-up
-  Unaffected by varying material compositions
(temperature,  moisture, etc.)
- Single probe design prevents false signaling from material build-up
Fail-safe signal in case of power loss
- External status LED (Ord. Loc. units) 
-  Pipe extension units are available 
- Now with 1-1/4" NPT process connection
Click Here for More VibraRod Details

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