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Tech Tip #1 ---------

Overcoming material build-up on level indicators

Material build-up on a level indicator can lead to a false signal situation.

"Driven" to Success!
The Driven Shield technology incorporated into Monitor's TrueCap® series of rf capacitance level sensors provides material build-up immunity to help overcome false signals from many sticky bulk solids, liquids and slurries that tend to cling to level probes.
How Driven Shield Technology Works...
The driven shield is activated with the same radio frequency potential as the sensing probe. Since current can not flow between identical potentials, the driven shield blocks current flow from the active probe to the vessel wall through the material build-up, thereby eliminating the sensing of the material build-up.

The TrueCap® MK-2 and MK-2e Models also provide:
TrueCap Series 
Target Materials Include:  
> Granular Solids 
> Powders 
> Pellets
> Liquids  
> Wastewater  
> Slurries
> Chemicals  
> Plastics 
> Feed / Grain 
> Rubber
> Cement  
> Sand 
> Coal 
> Paint & Coatings  
> Oils 
> Paper Pulp
> Pharmaceuticals  
> Food Ingredients 
...and more.
  • Superior 0.5pF Sensitivity
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Simple, Convenient Push-Button Calibration and Test (MK-2 Model)
  • Maximized Reliability via Smart Sensing Algorithms
    Including "Self-Validating" Fail-Safe Protection
    (MK-2 Model)
  • Externally Viewable LED Sensor Status Indicator (Ordinary Loc. Unit)
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Hazardous Location Approvals for Gases and Dust Available
  • Optional Split Architecture Model for High Temperatures or High Vibration
  • Variety of Probe Variations for Chemical Compatibility, Food Grade, Abrasion Resistance
For more information on the TrueCap® level indicators, please visit:  
Upcoming 2018 Trade Shows -----

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Monitor will be exhibiting in the upcoming shows listed below.
We hope to see you there!

Powder Bulk Solids Show Logo

International Powder & Bulk Solids Expo 2018
April 24 - 26, 2018
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Rosemont, IL USA
Booth #: 2407

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Register at: 


GEAPS Exchange Expo 2018

March 25 - 27, 2018

Colorado Convention Center
in Denver, Colorado
Booth#: 1247
Use Promo Code 13734 for discounted ($25) 1-Day attendee passes to GEAPS Expo 2018.  
New Product Announcement -----

  Have you seen the latest products
from Monitor Technologies?
Radar Right
Non-Contact Continuous Silo Level Sensor
Model VibraRod Model PZP  
Dura Vibe
Model VibraRod and Model PZP  
Vibratory Bin Level Indicators
DustAlarm ES 
Dust Alarm ES / Dust Trend ES
Broken Bag Detectors and Dust Emission Trend Monitors  
Monitor Technologies, LLC is proud to present our Newest products, including:
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A pdf version of our enhanced full line brochure that highlights all of Monitor's product offerings is now available for viewing / downloading. 
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Word of the Month --------------------

Brumal (bru·mal)
sounds like:

Adjective -
> wintry

> indicative of or occurring in the winter


Adjective -

We should wear gloves because it is a brumal night.

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Question and Answer --------     

Continuous Level Suggestion for Granulated Carbon 
Q... We have large, 75ft (23m) tall silos that contain granulated activated carbon and we need a full vertical level indication system that will continuously indicate bin level from bottom to top. We would like to be able to have a digital display and also have a 4-20 mA signal transmitted to our DCS plus full level and empty level alarm dry contact output to shut down feed to bin when full or empty. Do you have such a level indication system?

SiloPatrol and HMI2
Silo Patrol and HMI 2
A... We have some solutions that would fit your needs. Either Monitor's RadarRight non-contact level sensor or SiloPatrol "smart" plumb bob level sensor can provide continuous level measurements for low level indication through high level indication for most powders and bulk solids, including granulated activated carbon. The available HMI 2 operator interface control console can provide a local digital display. The addition of Monitor's AOE can provide output relays that can be used to shut down a process at a certain material level, as well as, provide an analog (4-20 mA) signal to the DCS.

For more information on Monitor's continuous level sensors and auxiliary equipment, please visit: 
Monitor Staff Highlight ----------------

30 Year Anniversary 

Craig Russell (left) and Andy during the 30th Anniversary Celebration
We are proud to congratulate Andy Bowman on his 30 years with Monitor Technologies, LLC. Since joining the company, Andy has been a vital part of the "top-notch" technical / sales support that Monitor strives to provide.

Initially, Andy served as Inside Sales for the 3 product categories available at the time (Monitor level controls, Alphatron load cells and Tank Mate liquid level).

Later he became the Product / Sales Specialist for the Tank Mate liquid level line. In the mid-90's Andy moved into the role of Technical Support / Field Service / Trade Show Organizer for the traditional Monitor product lines.

Today, Andy serves as Technical Services Manager and plays a key role in the start-up / commissioning process of our QuantiMass and HumiCore systems as well as the overall success of our technical support.

Everyone at Monitor is glad to have Andy as part of the team!

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